Sunday, 22 November 2009

New Moon On Monday!

DH and I are off to see New Moon tomorrow! After dropping the kids at school, we will be going to see the much awaited Twilight sequel in the Gold Class section of our local cinemas! I am so excited and have been singing Duran Duran's 'New Moon on Monday' all week! I put the video for Duran Duran's 'New Moon on Monday' over on the right, why there is 4 links to the video is Bloggers guess...I'm not that great at working my own try and pretend that there is only one preview of the video that you can see, thanks, lol...

It's been a long week, my husband was on night shift and our 2nd eldest son had his end of year 7 school play. On Wednesday he had a dress rehearsal, at night, which is hard for me, as I don't drive and we are a 40 minute walk away from the school. Luckily one of the teachers who is a friend of ours, angelically offered to pick him up and bring him home for me when he was finished. So that was wonderful. On the Thursday he had his first performance. We had to walk 20 minutes to the nearest bus stop... and then almost missed the bus home, as the play went a bit overtime but thankfully we managed to get it. For his second performance, DH, Rob took the night off work so we could all go and see him.
He was wonderful, he played 2 roles and he really gave them his all, we were so proud of him!
Now that the hectic school week is over I can breath easy and am really looking forward to going to see New Moon tomorrow. It will be our second time going to Gold Class and we have already decided what we are going to order for lunch, yum! I'm getting the garlic prawns and mushroom balls and Rob is getting the seafood platter.
As I have been itching to see New Moon, I decided to play with Flergs 'Into The Twilight' kit.
I bought it a couple of weeks ago and have not got around to use this is what I made with it...Here are my 2 little girls on Halloween. I bought them and my niece matching t-shirts that said 'I'm With The Vampires' and my girls had bat wings and bat ears too (as did I, lol) I thought that Flergs kit was perfect for this photo of them in our front yard.
I've also done another layout for Rachel Young with her new alpha Messy Machine Alphabet
Credits Here.
What am I reading at the moment? After I finished reading 'A Touch of Dead', the short stories of Sookie Stackhouse, I started reading 'Sharon Osbourne Extreme My Autobiography'I am really loving it, loving Sharon...I get a laugh from her humour and her way of looking at things, I like her attitude. I go to my local large shopping centre once a week as my day out and I will buy something to eat and sit down in the food court or wherever and read whatever book I am reading. I must look like a weirdo, because I would be laughing out loud at some of the things Sharon wrote however, of all the things that Ozzy did to her when he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, I didn't really bat an eyelid at, coz you kind of expect it, but the time that he tried to strangle her, I just bawled my head off. The despair she felt about the whole situation really touched me, it was very sad. I love the honest open way she has shared everything, she hasn't been shy about saying anything. Of course I watched 'The Osbournes' when it was on TV. We had Foxtel when it started and I would watch it with Rob, who is an Ozzy fan, owns every album he ever made. I knew Black Sabbath only because Marc Almond did a cover of Paranoid, but once you watch 'The Osbournes' you can't help but love Ozzy. My 65 year old Aunty loves Ozzy! Now I am needing to see the episodes again, so I will be going to look for them when I go to the shops next the mean time, I will be youtubing interviews with them.
The next book I will be reading is 'Burning Bright' by Tracy Chevalier.
Well, that's it for another post, hope all you Twilighters out there have either seen and enjoyed the movie, or are going to see it soon. Have a nice week :)

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

New Computer!

Well, I got a new computer at long last, yippee! It's my very first laptop, and I love it so much!
The other computer is still getting fixed, and it will be the kids 2nd computer. Right now I am sitting in my recliner chair typing this. I never thought I'd ever get a laptop, so this is just so special to me!
I have yet to do the arduous task of putting all my scrapbooking stuff from the old computer and yet to put ACDsee on and tag everything again. I have only transferred all of the stuff I downloaded onto the kids old computer as yet.
So, what's happened in the last 4 or 5 months since my old computer died? Well, the printer decided to drop dead too, tho I still need to check it out because it just may have clashed with the kids old computer that we hooked it up lately I have been getting things printed at our local print store. I have a CD case calender and I normally just do the coming month's page a few days before the start of the month. The computer died before I got the chance to print one out for August. I'd never put anything on a USB flash drive and taken it to a printers, but as September approached I was getting tired of the July calender looking at me, so I made a layout for September using the kids computer hooked up to the printer, then the printer died so I made a calender layout for October and November and put them on a flash drive of my son's and took them to the print shop. It was such a relief to have that when Halloween loomed, I decided to get all my Halloween stuff printed at my local print shop too.
Here is my November CD calender layout...using Flergs: Sistafriend BundleThe date was made by Karah Fredericks 'Need A Bead' at The-Lily Pad. I know it's a bit confusing...a November calender with September written across it, but I had made the October calender layout the same day and it was photos of the kids and me taken the same day (25 Sept 09) and I loved how it looked so much, that when I chose that photo of the kids from the same day for November, I didn't have the heart to take it off, coz it looked too good to move, lol!
Our Eldest DD had her 9th birthday in September...Credits here
Our younger DD went to her first disco...Credits here
Then in October, I turned 39. My gorgeous cousin Barb sent me a beautiful bunch of flowers! I've never had flowers sent to me before! In the afternoon, after I'd got home from school with the kids, there was a knock at the door....there's never a knock at my door, I thought it was probably someone trying to sell me an new phone plan or something of that nature but it was a man with a big boxed bouquet of flowers! I can't describe how surprised and thrilled I was! And if that was not naughty enough, the rascal girlie had put $50 in the card! She is such a lovely, wonderful cousin. I used the money to book tickets for hubby and I to see New Moon in Gold Class on the 23rd of November...I can't wait!! Thank you so much Barb, you spoilt me so much and I do so appreciate it!
Then Halloween came along. I made choker necklaces for myself, Sister, niece and my 2 girls and also earrings for all of us (except my youngest DD as her ears aren't pierced yet)
here they are, I thought they came out quiet cute. Better than the necklaces I made and my first earrings I've ever made. Mine are the purple ones, naturally. We had a couple of firsts for Halloween, my Sister, niece and nephew came over to our place for Halloween and I took them and my kids trick or treating for the first time. They got some wonderful treats and plenty of them...we were even given a humongous block of Toblerone chocolate for us all to share, which was really delicious!Credits here
and this layout was made with a gorgeous kit I won before Halloween call 'Boo' by Laurie Ann, along with the word art. So in addition to this layout, I made my Halloween treat bag toppers with it... Thank You Laurie Ann! :)

And now it's November and my long awaited Guest CT November stint has arrived, yippee! :) I am guest CT for Rachel Young Designs.
Here are my first 2 layouts for the month....
Credits here.Credits here. The alpha on this last layout is Rachel's latest release. Paint Like You Mean it.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

No Computer AGAIN!

Well, I post this from my sons' computer. Our main computer died....again. Photobucket Geez I'm sick of it. We've had nothing but trouble with it from day one. I so want to get a mac! I also want my own computer, tired of sharing it with hubby. Thankfully I had done a back up burn about 3 days before the crash, so I don't think I lost anything major. I had bought Flerg's 'July Grab Bag' with those wonderful liquid metal bugs and flowers, but I just went and re-downloaded them as it was less than a week ago that I'd bought it. The only thing I lost was maybe 3 layouts that I'd started but not finished yet. Only one of those will be a pain to recreate. I'd started a layout about why I became a vegetarian. I had the lyrics to The Smiths song 'Meat is Murder' and a whole stack of journaling about how I came to know about that song and how it made me rethink eating meat. I really hadn't done anything other than that, I had one background paper and the title done, but I hadn't gone further than that as the journaling had taken up so much room there wasn't much room left for embellishments. I had started it as a font challenge for Shabby Pickle using 'Joe wrote a Love Song' font but of course, I couldn't get it finished in time, coz of the computer crash. Tho it was just time getting away from me that I didn't finish (but started and therefore lost) the June font challenge using 'Merkurius' font. Bloody computer crash!
It is Inspiration Lane's 1st Birthday Celebrations this week. They are celebrating for 2 whole weeks and there are plenty of party favors and specials to be had. They are doing a free daily downloads and some birthday themed specials too. And lots of challenges and inspiration with some great rewards.
I have been with Digital Couture and Joyful Hearts Designs and their joint design team: 'Creative Confusion' for a long time now and they are such sweet, fun girls to work for and I have been a site CT with Inspiration Lane since the doors opened a year ago. It has been a wonderful and inspiring creative journey and I really do believe that being on their CT has helped me grow artistically. I have now stepped down as Creative Team Member however, as time seemed to be limited for me at the moment and I never seem to find the time to get everything done. I do have a layout that I will be doing for 'Inspired By Dominic Designs' once my computer is working again, luckily the kit I downloaded from her is one of the ones I burnt before the crash.
We do need to start saving for a new computer tho. Apparently there is a new system coming out in November 'Vienna' I think it's called, so we will wait for that to be released so we can avoid Vista, the reviews for that aren't exactly positive.
Mum is coming to visit on Friday for about 5 days, looking forward to that. I've been cleaning and organizing Amethyst's filthy room so it will be clean for Mum's arrival. I had to rip it apart to find a school library book that had been missing for some time. Thankfully I found it. I pulled everything out of her cupboard and have started repacking it into large plastic (purple) boxes, so nothing is on the floor. Hopefully it will stay tidy for at least a month! Praying gif
On our anniversary I managed to get 'True Blood' DVD the first season at Kmart. I was SO happy! We are watching it an episode at a time and not everyday. I want it to last awhile, savor it! And boy, am I loving it! I have 2 of the short stories on hold at the library...I've read 'Dracula Night' and am waiting for 'Unusual Suspects' to come into my library, but the others I will have to wait until they are released as one book, I 'think' that is happening in November. Charlaine Harris is releasing something in November anyway! The book I am reading now is about 'Iggy Pop' by Paul Trynka called 'Open Up and Bleed' (my book has a different photo on the front) I am really loving it! The author has really done his research and it really feels like I am right there in the studios or the audience with Iggy. I just love him. I have always loved a certain amount of Iggy's songs...'Lust for Life', 'I'm Bored', 'I Wanna Be Your Dog', 'Real Wild Child' (the theme song to music show 'Rage' that I always watched) and 'Candy' (with B52's singer Kate Peirson) but that was all knew of him musically and I just adored him as Uncle Belvedere in the movie 'Cry Baby'. One of my all time favourite movies! Photobucket I love the quote from the movie.... "But I taught you how to dress, didn't I, Cry-Baby?" and this one...
to Cry Baby] Woo-Wee, you caught me in my birthday suit, butt-naked!

I recently bought 'Cry Baby' DVD and when I saw the book about Iggy Pop, I just had to buy it.
This is one of my favourite photos of Iggy Pop from the book 'Open Up and Bleed' Fave Photo from the book Such a great book! Apparently there was talk about a movie being made about Iggy Pop, with Elijah Woods playing Iggy. I guess his big blue eyes are fairly close. I hope it does get done. Iggy's life has been pretty amazing, I'd love to see it! Next time I go into the city I'll be going into Rocking Horse Records to check out and see if they have some Iggy Pop albums, I'd love to listen to the songs I am reading about. Thanks to youtube, I've seen him perform some songs, interviews and videos.. it makes reading the book so much more exciting!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

S'Whine Flu and Holidays

I had a son home from school before the holidays started due to swine flu being confirmed in his school! My DH took him to the doctors, but the doctor said there was no use even testing him. A friend of his has just come out of quarantine after having the virus. Thankfully all the kids are well now, I was panicking a bit when they were all sick with a normal flu.
Anyway..onto other things..
I have had my first layout 'published' in an online magazine...It was in the June edition of
The Daily Scrapper. Mine is the second layout on that page. I am so pleased my layout was chosen and I do love that layout using Vera Lim's kit 'It's My Day' at Shabby Pickle Designs.
I finally finished reading 'The Change' by Germaine Greer. I wanted to read it to know what to look out for in the coming years. My Mum stopped menstruating when she was 41, which is really quite young. I am hoping I follow suit, which means only 2 years to go! Mum said she never had hot flushes or anything like that, so she was incredibly lucky. 'Tho I do remember her being terribly moody. I've already warned Rob (DH) that I will probably be really moody too....cheeky rat says..'not much different then'
Oh men, what do we do with them, lol!
'The Change' was a great book, very detailed and inspiring. I have always been a fan of Germaine's writing, I read 'The Female Eunuch' when I was 21. She has written two enlightening books that I think are a gift to this world. And I really have to thank her for adding to the person I am today for reading 'The Female Eunuch' I think every young woman should read it and every older woman should read 'The Change' Very inspiring and character strengthening reads.
The next lot of books I read was the Sookie Stackhouse books. After I read the Twilight books, of course I was on the look out for another great vampire story...and thanks to DST again, I found one... To begin with, I was totally aghast that vampires had 'come out'. I love the shadowy, secretive lore of vampires, but after a few pages I warmed to the idea and enjoyed the 'difference' of it. The murder mystery/who dunnit element that was more pronounced in the first book also threw me a bit but over all, I really loved the books. The next book in the series isn't out 'til May 2010! EEEEkk!!! How can I wait!
I was so lucky to get on the Twilight kick just a few weeks before the last book was released and I could read all about how they ended up 'living' happily ever after...for eternity....
The only comfort with the Sookie series is the fact that the show 'True Blood' that plays on cable TV HBO in the States now has the first season on DVD. The 2nd season has already started in the States, so I guess it will be awhile before we can see it here in Australia.
It was released here on the 1st of July. I was unable to get the the shops last week to check out if it was available at Kmart. I had rung JB Hi-Fi and Ezy DVD and got their prices and was wondering if I could get it cheaper at Kmart. Well, I went to Kmart yesterday and saw a True Blood poster, so I skipped over to the counter in that area and asked for it and the girl said that it was so popular that they had all sold out in a few short days, and it had been on sale for only $30!! ($26 cheaper than either of the other 2 places I called!) I was devastated! She wouldn't let me get a rain check either....I'm hoping I can get a copy soon!
Here is a layout I did on my latest book obsession...credits Here. The title of the layout is inspired by Eric telling Sookie that she is spoiled for humans, lol. I love it, ooh, and Eric too! We watch the BBC show Merlin and in my minds eye, I see the actor that plays Arthur as Eric, tho he may be a little young for Eric's roll. I do hope that the actor that plays Eric in True Blood can live up to my expectations. Blonde men aren't usually my 'thing' so he has a lot on his plate to cut it for me, lol... I know from trailers that I love Anna Paquin as Sookie. Can't wait to see it!

Friday, 29 May 2009

A Friday Night Post

I have updated my blog's look using Christy Haig's instructions for 'Customizing Your Blog' lessons.
Yippee! Thank you Christy, I am so happy to have some 'papers' in there for the background, so thrilled! :)
It will be a work in progress I wanted to use papers that I made, to avoid having to ask a designers permission to use their designs (I am just bone lazy I guess, lol) I am no designer and have no desire to be...but I can see those papers changing slightly on a regular basis, lol.

I have had a layout accepted for publication at The Daily My very first 'published' layout, so that was a thrill. It will be in the June edition.
Lately I have been having trouble with my EHD. It keeps crashing, but then after a rest, it is working again, but then it will crash again after a few hours. Driving me nuts and I am worried it will crash for good. I must get around to Googling what is wrong with it before it's too late.
Another thing keeping me from scrapping is our eldest DD is getting ready for her first Communion. So I have been sewing her a headdress with flowers and ribbons and sewing beads onto the white jumper I bought her and sewing her a white skirt.
I didn't realize how much I missed sewing until I sat down in front of the sewing machine again.
I just might start sewing again! Whether it is winter approaching or whatever, I am wanting to start knitting again. I think it is that I am sewing the beads onto the jumper while I am watching TV, it just feels nice to be utilizing some free time while I am relaxing in front of the TV. Besides a few dresses I have made the girls and one knitted outfit I made Amethyst, I haven't made as much for the girls as I did for the boys.
Speaking of sewing things... Keenan told me he needed an elf's hat for school...and of course, he needed it the next I scratched through my materials looking for a plain bit of green fabric....after about an hour and a half of searching, I found what I was looking for and made him a hat with a fake brown leather trim...not bad for a midnight sewing machine session. Keenan was happy with it too, so that made my day/night.
Today I went to a Cancer Council fund raising Morning Tea. Here in Australia we call it 'Australia's Biggest Morning Tea' and it is quite the event on our side of town.
I had a lovely time and it was nice to know I was helping in some small way.
OK, onto some of my latest layouts...
I think my next gadget that I'd like to add to my blog will be one of those slide shows for my layouts. I still have one more lesson to do to complete my 'Customizing Your Blog' lessons, so I will do that first. I will probably put flowers or ribbon down the sides of the inner paper, but I will tackle that tomorrow. Gee I hope the kids let me sleep in tomorrow morning!
Star and Amethyst
Amethyst had a talk on guinea pigs, and without telling us, she popped her favorite guinea pig in her school bag and hopped in the car and managed to get to class without us being any the wiser of the stowaway in her bag! After dropping the kids off at school, we were heading off in the car and I got a message on my mobile phone, telling me that Amethyst had a guinea pig in her possession and that animals weren't allowed unsupervised by an adult at school! So we had to turn around and go and rescue the poor over loved guinea pig. LOL! She did manage to finish her talk 'tho, lol!
Digi Shop Talk seems to be down, so I will post the link tomorrow, but that's it for me tonight.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Autumn Days.

It's starting to get cool here in sunny Queensland. Time to drag out the fluffy slippers and extra blankets for the bed.
Since the last time I blogged, the kids have started their new year
of school...we have had St. Valentines Day Happy Valentines Day
In February, I also became a CT member for Miss Crow's Magickal Emporium. Here are some layouts using her beautiful products... Family
Baby's First Easter
Purple Girl
Our 2nd DS and eldest DD went to a 'Dance Fever' competition with their school. Amethyst won a dancing achievement award which she was very proud of as were we. Dancers
And then, of course came Easter... Funny Bunnies Happy Easter
The school holidays were fairly uneventful, DH hurt his back at work and is still presently off work, trying to recover, but it was a nice time for us to just relax, enjoy some movies together as a family and not feel the need to be rushing everywhere, and no school lunches to make!
Now the kids are back at school again. My Mum came to our place for a few days for Keenan, our 2nd DS's 12th birthday, which was lovely. It's always a hoot when she comes to town. I miss her a lot when she goes home. Thank heavens for msn and emails! lol!
Here is my Mum and the kids...Mum, DH and I were all able to attend Amethyst's school assembly, which she was thrilled about, normally it's just me that is able to go, so she was pleased to have a larger personal audience, lol. Next week I am going with Ailani (youngest DD) on her first school excursion. We are off to see dinosaurs at the museum. And the week after that, I am accompanying Amethyst (eldest DD) to a Historical Village for a school excursion. So I am looking forward to that, and they are some good excuses to take lots of photos, lol!
(inter)National Scrapbooking Day has come and drained my paypal account. I got some beautiful new kits and some older kits I'd been eyeing for some I have to find the time to sort and tag everything in ACDsee!
I saw in My Scrapbook Art's new online magazine 'Flourish' that Christy Haig has a new tutorial on 'Creating a Customized Blog' so hopefully this will have me being more up to date with my blog and finally fixing it up to how I would like it, thank you Christy!
Kids are just home from school now, so I better go and make the scones I promised them!

Friday, 30 January 2009

Time to update the old blog...

well Christmas is long over, as is New Year's Eve, the eldest's 14th birthday and the kids have gone back to school from their 8 week Christmas holidays! Christmas Assembly Can't Wait For Xmas
Happy 2009

Happy New Year
I'm still working on the eldest DS's birthday layout...I started it the day of his birthday, but then my mojo conked out on me and I haven't been back to it for awhile, hopefully I will get some inspiration to get it done soon. Other excitement....DH and I went to see 'Twilight' the movie. I had planned on going to the Gold Class cinemas to see it, but like a derr brain, I didn't think I had to book ahead....admittedly, it was to be our first visit to Gold Class.....and it was booked out...of course...What was I thinking, I should have known it would be crazy anyway, I booked us 2 seats to see 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' a remake of an old classic. DH (and now I) love vintage Sci Fi movies....I also love them because of the Rocky Horror Picture Show song 'Science Fiction/Double Feature' (I wanna see all those movies featured in that song) and also, when DH and I had only been dating for about 5 months, we went to South Bank to see free 3D vintage Sci Fi movies in an open cinema on the grass...great memories....we saw 3 I being 'Creature From the Black Lagoon'....anyway...The Day The Earth Stood Still was one of them and we had recently bought it on DVD when I read on the internet that Keanu Reeves was in a remake of the movie, coming out in that was also a much anticipated movie to see. We both enjoyed Gold Class and can't wait to go back again when Mum comes to stay (so she can baby sit) As it was our first time to Gold Class, we both ordered a 'Seafood Platter' a dessert to share and a bottle of wine and oh my gosh! We went to see it on December 29 and I felt like I'd eaten more at Gold Class than I had on Christmas Day or Boxing Day! After we came out of the cinema we both felt like the rolly polly people in the Disney movie 'Wall-E' .... Next time we go to Gold Class, we will just be ordering a bowl of chips!
5 days before Christmas, I also took my Sister to see Twilight. (Hubby and I went to see it on the 13th) I had forced the books onto both my Husband and my Sister and so I thought it was only fair that I take my Sis to see the movie with me. She met me in the city and she had my 'Decor' clear container with handle with the 4 books in it that I had borrowed her...she had just finished reading the last of the books a few days before we went to see the movie. I put my
box of Twilight books on the counter and asked the movie ticket guy if he could guess what movie I wanted to see that day, lol....I must have looked a bit of a Twilight Twi-hard....but really, I only had them there as my Sister was returning the books to me, lol.
Here is a layout I did, I embarrassed my Sis when I asked an usher to take our photo in front
of the movie poster, but, oh well....had to be Twilight
South Bank
We did a fair amount of swimming over the Christmas holidays, tho I plan on taking the kids back to South Bank a bit before the season is out as we are so close to a bus stop now.
Then in the last week of school holidays we went away on holiday to my parents farm. My Mum is an avid emailer and has been the proud owner of a computer that friends gave her for about 18 months now. As my Father won't have anything to do with the internet bill, she can only afford dial up, which is maddenly slow as you can imagine. I always go to her place with high hopes that I will still be able to log into DST etc and make comments and look around and be inspired by layouts even if I can't create any while I am away, but her connection is always getting interrupted and you have to disconnect and then reconnect to the internet whenever you try and 'turn a page' so in the end I gave up....unfortunately for me, I forgot to sign out of my username at DST on her computer and when I went home and uploaded my first layout after I got back....I faithfully sent Mum the link to the layout, so she could see it...yes, my Mum is registered at DST and is one of my 'regulars' who comments on my layouts. She always feels weird about leaving comments and always tries to make out that she doesn't know me IRL, lol, so her comments quite often make me giggle. I love to do layouts of her when she was a surprise when she clicks on a link I send her. I've told her I am quite happy and comfortable for her to say 'hi Chryss, I like your layout' or whatever, but she can't bring herself to do it for some strange reason and will say hysterical things like 'your Mother would love this layout'
I did this layout of her, to tease her, I wanted to call the layout....'Marjorie, Get Some Clothes On' but I decided that would be a bit much, lol! (I deleted her surname before I uploaded it) her comment is so funny!
Miss Marjorie
and this was another layout of her that was supposed to give her a bit of a laugh...tho I think it must have back fired, coz she wouldn't even leave a comment on it as she was a bit horrified that I had called it 'Widgie' ... tho the journaling clearly points out that no one really thought she was a widgie, just they used to tease her that she looked like one in that photo....poor mum...
Anyway... to get to the point of this talk about my Mum....when I was a teenager, like many of us, I thought I was cool and groovy and thought Mum was a terrible embarrassment. Now, to give myself credit, my Mum IS rather embarrassing and there is always something bizarre happening with her and she always has her own unique way of reacting to things. As I have grown older I have learnt to cope with her eccentricities and I never bat an eyelid...most of the time...and she is now hard pressed to get me to slink away and pretend to not know her, gasp in horror, and/or turn bright red and almost pop an artery. However... although really, it was my own fault, as I had not signed out from DST before I went home from my holiday at her place....after I went home and uploaded a new layout, I happily sent her the link and off I went to bed.
I got up the next morning to an inbox full of emails saying..."Sorry Chryss, I made a comment on your layout using your username, please delete!!" she kept sending me the same warning over and over, hoping I was still awake and that I could go in and delete the comment, as she had realised she was still signed in with my username, and had signed out and then signed in again with her username. I was quite forgiving tho, as I know what a pain in the neck it would have been to have to sign out and then in with her username on her slow dial up...not that she knows my password
so if you managed to see my layout 'One Week' at DST that night and saw MY username with MY avatar, praising my own layout.....I am not really in love with was actually my Mum...bless her...when she signed back in with her username she made the exact same comment as she had with my username, hoping people would realise it was her commenting (that's my Mum's logic for you) For a split second there, I did go red in the face and thought I might pop an artery...but then I just had to is so 'classic Mum'!!
I do have another layout that I did 2 years ago about a funny incident that is another 'Classic Mum' example, but Blogger isn't letting me add anymore photos ... here is the link to the layout anyway... Dressing Room Drama.
so that's it for tonight....and yes, I will be sending the link to this post to love you Mum xxxx