Friday, 30 January 2009

Time to update the old blog...

well Christmas is long over, as is New Year's Eve, the eldest's 14th birthday and the kids have gone back to school from their 8 week Christmas holidays! Christmas Assembly Can't Wait For Xmas
Happy 2009

Happy New Year
I'm still working on the eldest DS's birthday layout...I started it the day of his birthday, but then my mojo conked out on me and I haven't been back to it for awhile, hopefully I will get some inspiration to get it done soon. Other excitement....DH and I went to see 'Twilight' the movie. I had planned on going to the Gold Class cinemas to see it, but like a derr brain, I didn't think I had to book ahead....admittedly, it was to be our first visit to Gold Class.....and it was booked out...of course...What was I thinking, I should have known it would be crazy anyway, I booked us 2 seats to see 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' a remake of an old classic. DH (and now I) love vintage Sci Fi movies....I also love them because of the Rocky Horror Picture Show song 'Science Fiction/Double Feature' (I wanna see all those movies featured in that song) and also, when DH and I had only been dating for about 5 months, we went to South Bank to see free 3D vintage Sci Fi movies in an open cinema on the grass...great memories....we saw 3 I being 'Creature From the Black Lagoon'....anyway...The Day The Earth Stood Still was one of them and we had recently bought it on DVD when I read on the internet that Keanu Reeves was in a remake of the movie, coming out in that was also a much anticipated movie to see. We both enjoyed Gold Class and can't wait to go back again when Mum comes to stay (so she can baby sit) As it was our first time to Gold Class, we both ordered a 'Seafood Platter' a dessert to share and a bottle of wine and oh my gosh! We went to see it on December 29 and I felt like I'd eaten more at Gold Class than I had on Christmas Day or Boxing Day! After we came out of the cinema we both felt like the rolly polly people in the Disney movie 'Wall-E' .... Next time we go to Gold Class, we will just be ordering a bowl of chips!
5 days before Christmas, I also took my Sister to see Twilight. (Hubby and I went to see it on the 13th) I had forced the books onto both my Husband and my Sister and so I thought it was only fair that I take my Sis to see the movie with me. She met me in the city and she had my 'Decor' clear container with handle with the 4 books in it that I had borrowed her...she had just finished reading the last of the books a few days before we went to see the movie. I put my
box of Twilight books on the counter and asked the movie ticket guy if he could guess what movie I wanted to see that day, lol....I must have looked a bit of a Twilight Twi-hard....but really, I only had them there as my Sister was returning the books to me, lol.
Here is a layout I did, I embarrassed my Sis when I asked an usher to take our photo in front
of the movie poster, but, oh well....had to be Twilight
South Bank
We did a fair amount of swimming over the Christmas holidays, tho I plan on taking the kids back to South Bank a bit before the season is out as we are so close to a bus stop now.
Then in the last week of school holidays we went away on holiday to my parents farm. My Mum is an avid emailer and has been the proud owner of a computer that friends gave her for about 18 months now. As my Father won't have anything to do with the internet bill, she can only afford dial up, which is maddenly slow as you can imagine. I always go to her place with high hopes that I will still be able to log into DST etc and make comments and look around and be inspired by layouts even if I can't create any while I am away, but her connection is always getting interrupted and you have to disconnect and then reconnect to the internet whenever you try and 'turn a page' so in the end I gave up....unfortunately for me, I forgot to sign out of my username at DST on her computer and when I went home and uploaded my first layout after I got back....I faithfully sent Mum the link to the layout, so she could see it...yes, my Mum is registered at DST and is one of my 'regulars' who comments on my layouts. She always feels weird about leaving comments and always tries to make out that she doesn't know me IRL, lol, so her comments quite often make me giggle. I love to do layouts of her when she was a surprise when she clicks on a link I send her. I've told her I am quite happy and comfortable for her to say 'hi Chryss, I like your layout' or whatever, but she can't bring herself to do it for some strange reason and will say hysterical things like 'your Mother would love this layout'
I did this layout of her, to tease her, I wanted to call the layout....'Marjorie, Get Some Clothes On' but I decided that would be a bit much, lol! (I deleted her surname before I uploaded it) her comment is so funny!
Miss Marjorie
and this was another layout of her that was supposed to give her a bit of a laugh...tho I think it must have back fired, coz she wouldn't even leave a comment on it as she was a bit horrified that I had called it 'Widgie' ... tho the journaling clearly points out that no one really thought she was a widgie, just they used to tease her that she looked like one in that photo....poor mum...
Anyway... to get to the point of this talk about my Mum....when I was a teenager, like many of us, I thought I was cool and groovy and thought Mum was a terrible embarrassment. Now, to give myself credit, my Mum IS rather embarrassing and there is always something bizarre happening with her and she always has her own unique way of reacting to things. As I have grown older I have learnt to cope with her eccentricities and I never bat an eyelid...most of the time...and she is now hard pressed to get me to slink away and pretend to not know her, gasp in horror, and/or turn bright red and almost pop an artery. However... although really, it was my own fault, as I had not signed out from DST before I went home from my holiday at her place....after I went home and uploaded a new layout, I happily sent her the link and off I went to bed.
I got up the next morning to an inbox full of emails saying..."Sorry Chryss, I made a comment on your layout using your username, please delete!!" she kept sending me the same warning over and over, hoping I was still awake and that I could go in and delete the comment, as she had realised she was still signed in with my username, and had signed out and then signed in again with her username. I was quite forgiving tho, as I know what a pain in the neck it would have been to have to sign out and then in with her username on her slow dial up...not that she knows my password
so if you managed to see my layout 'One Week' at DST that night and saw MY username with MY avatar, praising my own layout.....I am not really in love with was actually my Mum...bless her...when she signed back in with her username she made the exact same comment as she had with my username, hoping people would realise it was her commenting (that's my Mum's logic for you) For a split second there, I did go red in the face and thought I might pop an artery...but then I just had to is so 'classic Mum'!!
I do have another layout that I did 2 years ago about a funny incident that is another 'Classic Mum' example, but Blogger isn't letting me add anymore photos ... here is the link to the layout anyway... Dressing Room Drama.
so that's it for tonight....and yes, I will be sending the link to this post to love you Mum xxxx

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