Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Autumn Days.

It's starting to get cool here in sunny Queensland. Time to drag out the fluffy slippers and extra blankets for the bed.
Since the last time I blogged, the kids have started their new year
of school...we have had St. Valentines Day Happy Valentines Day
In February, I also became a CT member for Miss Crow's Magickal Emporium. Here are some layouts using her beautiful products... Family
Baby's First Easter
Purple Girl
Our 2nd DS and eldest DD went to a 'Dance Fever' competition with their school. Amethyst won a dancing achievement award which she was very proud of as were we. Dancers
And then, of course came Easter... Funny Bunnies Happy Easter
The school holidays were fairly uneventful, DH hurt his back at work and is still presently off work, trying to recover, but it was a nice time for us to just relax, enjoy some movies together as a family and not feel the need to be rushing everywhere, and no school lunches to make!
Now the kids are back at school again. My Mum came to our place for a few days for Keenan, our 2nd DS's 12th birthday, which was lovely. It's always a hoot when she comes to town. I miss her a lot when she goes home. Thank heavens for msn and emails! lol!
Here is my Mum and the kids...Mum, DH and I were all able to attend Amethyst's school assembly, which she was thrilled about, normally it's just me that is able to go, so she was pleased to have a larger personal audience, lol. Next week I am going with Ailani (youngest DD) on her first school excursion. We are off to see dinosaurs at the museum. And the week after that, I am accompanying Amethyst (eldest DD) to a Historical Village for a school excursion. So I am looking forward to that, and they are some good excuses to take lots of photos, lol!
(inter)National Scrapbooking Day has come and drained my paypal account. I got some beautiful new kits and some older kits I'd been eyeing for some time....now I have to find the time to sort and tag everything in ACDsee!
I saw in My Scrapbook Art's new online magazine 'Flourish' that Christy Haig has a new tutorial on 'Creating a Customized Blog' so hopefully this will have me being more up to date with my blog and finally fixing it up to how I would like it, thank you Christy!
Kids are just home from school now, so I better go and make the scones I promised them!


Cathy said...

I see what you mean about writing an essay to update your blog... hehehe... good luck with posting more often in future. I'm doing the course with you to customise our blogs... so see you around sometime.

Christy Haig said...

Aww, they look so great all dressed up to go back to school!

Veevs said...

Purple is such a lovely colour! Your LOs are beautiful and your kids look so cool in their uniforms!

maaike said...

Ahhh, those pictures..how sweet!
Love your lo's!

cdanielshafer said...

Love the purple, and all the gorgeous LO's :) I'm taking the class too.. see you on the boards :)


Linda said...

hello fellow blog class-mate. Love your LO's

malacima said...

gorgeous pics!!and love dressed too!!