Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I Feel Down

"I feel down, I don't feel happy.
I feel down, I feel crappy"
lyrics from an early Hard Ons song... what else, lol!
Well, actually, I have been obsessing over another band as well lately...
Can't get enough of them! Obviously, I have always loved them but I didn't know all their albums, so I am catching up.... *sigh* always late to the party, I know.....
My sister had their album 'Animal Boy' back in the day  and I knew all the famous songs.... but now I am needing all their work. I have Ramones Mania and Anthology but I need MORE, I need to have each actual album.....
hello Rocking Horse Records... I'll be paying you another visit soon!
But just in case you are thinking I am fickle.... I still have all my favourite songs by the Hard Ons on my MP3 player, so whenever I go walking (which is a lot lately) I am listening to my Aussie boys.... I listen to the Ramones at home and the Hard Ons out on the street.
I have been going swimming three days a week and it has been brilliant. It is a half hour power walk to the pool, then I swim for an hour and then walk home. I have already lost a kilo and I am staying positive. Don't know how I will keep this up with the kids going on 7 weeks Christmas vacation tho, gawd blimey!
Today I went on a school excursion with my youngest DD and then afterwards, I walked into the nearest dentist and asked them to rip one of my teeth out.
This tooth has been a problem for years and I have just kept putting it off, thinking that I could manage it and that I couldn't afford to go to a dentist, but I am sick of the decaying, stinky thing, so I got it ripped out.....
SO happy I did. I decided that while I had a bit of money in my purse and before I had to spend it on bills, food or the husband's stinky cigarettes that I would do this necessary thing for myself. Bit of a metaphor of my life at the moment really.... can't afford to do that either... but it has to be done, eventually....
Gawd, I need to get a job!! I am joining a job agency on Friday... wish me luck!
The only layout I have done recently is of the husband and I out at a local Mexican restaurant. I've wanted to go to Montezuma's forever but the husband is not a fan of Mexican food. (he hates everything I love it seems) I was hoping the food would be wonderful, to change his mind, but it wasn't the best, sadly. But we had a good time anyway... thanks to the wonderful margarita's, lol!  (I drank his margarita as well, because he didn't like that either *sigh*) I always sing this song by Andy Prieboy: Montezuma Was A Man Of Faith when we drive past the restaurant and while we were there, I couldn't stop singing this song by Wall Of Voodoo: Elvis Bought Dora A Cadillac. It made for a very atmospheric night, for me at least!  :)
The other thing that annoyed me recently, I was walking to the local shopping center, that is a bit further away than the local pool, to pay some bills and my $10 MP3 player started playing up.... I have been wanting to get a purple ipod, so I can have more music to listen to while I am exercising, the little simple MP3 player has been fine but it would be nice to have an ipod.... the husband and eldest son have one after all... my sister says I should get an ipod touch because she loves hers, but they don't come in purple... she says you can get a purple case for it.... but it's the principle of the matter... lol.... I need purple metal shiny things....lol!
anyway... I am walking along listening to '1st Element is Sweat'  and the MP3 player is cutting in and out and the volume is only in one ear and going down and you just CAN'T listen to that song anyway but LOUD.... I am almost having a fit because walking long distances without music is torture... then I realise it is not the crappy $10 MP3 that is playing up.... it was the crappy $20 purple... sorry... cerise Smiggle headphones I was using.... Not happy Smiggle! I had only bought them about 3 weeks ago... purely because they were purple and retractable.... well, as I say.... Cerise.... cerise is a try hard version of purple... it really is more pink than purple... cerise is acceptable to me if it is mixed with real purple things... so when I say something is cerise, it is almost a derogatory remark... like 'try hard' or 'wanna be' .. lol... yeah, I know I am a loony for purple... anyway... did I keep my reciept so I could take the crappy headphones back to Smiggle and get my money back...?  no, of course not... so I am boycotting Smiggle... initially I was thrilled with their 'purple' stationary... but really... it's just cerise... 

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Happy Purple Camera Day!

Today I went over to Virginia to pick up my purple camera! Yippee!
Couldn't take any photos while I was over there with my sister because it has it's own battery that needs charging. Oh well... my sister met me over there and she drove us to Sandgate and we spent the rest of the day op. shopping. I got a heap of purple things... 2 skirts, beads, a belt, a folder, material and 3 purple Bonds singlets.... so it was a very good purple day for me! We only have one op. shop in Indooroopilly, so it was fun to go to so many op. shops (thrift stores) and wonderful to spend the day with just my sister. When I got home, I charged my camera's battery and read the manual. So far I have taken 3 photos of Amethyst and one of Ailani. I will experiment a bit more later. I really aught to get to bed soon. It was a good day. :)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Hard Ons for Halloween!

Well, Halloween is over now. It was a big week end. On the Saturday we went over to my sister's place and picked her and my niece and nephew up and brought them home to our place. I made a Halloween party for the kids.... way too many lollies but I think they enjoyed it. My sister, Debbranne and I shared a bottle of wine and got ready to go to see the Hard Ons at the Halloween Monster Bash in the Valley. I wanted to leave at about 8pm but didn't leave until after 9.30pm. We had a nice time listening to the Hard Ons while we got ready to go out and putting on our make up together like we did back in the day, such a lot of fun! Sadly, neither Debbranne nor I could get the rotten vampire teeth to stay in our heads this time round :( .... I want to get proper vampire teeth made by a dentist! oh well.... We got to the Step Inn about 10.30pm. Everyone was dressed up as zombies! Everyone in the streets, everyone in the nightclub.... It must be the decade of the zombie. There was so much going on at the gig, we didn't know where to start. We saw the boys from the Hard Ons but as far as I could see, they didn't have a merchandise stand this time round. Which is sad... last time I went to see them, the husband wouldn't let me go anywhere near them, plus he ate and drank all the money I had brought to possibly buy something and this time round I bought heaps of money to buy stuff and couldn't. Not that I could wear a black Hard Ons tshirt..... if there were purple tshirts I'd wear one tho, lol! Anyway... the gig was good, it was brilliant to be able to share that with my sister. They played quite a lot of different songs from the last gig. 'Missing You Missing Me' 'I Think About You Every Day' 'Stop Crying' and 'Aunty' from the new album. I had been singing that song all day, so it was great to hear it live! Anyway... here are a few photos from the night...The photos are so much better than the ones I got from the last gig. The Step Inn had a stage, so they were up higher and we were pretty much right down the front. I was hoping to have my new purple Canon camera but it still hadn't come in, sadly. I did get a phone call today tho and it has finally arrived, so I am going to pick it up tomorrow. My sister will be meeting me over there where I am picking the camera up and we will spend the day together. I printed up some of the photos from Halloween for her, me, my Mum and cousin.... here is a photo of me and my sis at the club....
and a photo of me and the kids (with my son's girlfriend) on Halloween. I have last year's teeth in, thankfully I kept them and they stay in my mouth, lol...The kids had fun.... hubby took the kids trick or treating, I stayed at home, (listening to my kind of Halloween music) so I could give out treat bags to trick or treaters that came to our door... last year I missed out on giving out treat bags because we went trick or treating... hubby was working night shift the last 2 Halloween's so it was fun to have him here for this year's celebration. Yeah. too many lollies.... I only want to do Halloween one night next year, instead of 2 nights in a row like this year! I made my bat cookies, but didn't get a photo of them... dumb, dumb, dumb! But they were good. I didn't get around to making the spider web cup cakes... too much work. I started making a bat handbag but didn't get that finished in time....bummer... oh well.... maybe I'll finish it for next year.
Here is my sis, niece, nephew and my kids at the Halloween eve table....Hope everyone had a great Halloween! :)