Sunday, 27 February 2011

iRetro At Pig and Whistle

On Wednesday my sister came over. We watched "Rock and Roll High School"  and the Ramones documentary "End Of The Century"  Thursday I had to go to Toowong for an interview at Sarina Russo... gotta get a job...  then we went to Sizzler and then I grabbed a bottle of bubblie and some Fanta. After I made the family dinner, Debbranne and I drank the sparkling wine, mixed with a bit of vodka that I had in the house with the Fanta, it was nice! We got ready to go out and went to iRetro at the Pig and Whistle. The pub was pretty empty but we had fun anyway, asked the DJ to play the Ramones for us, he said he couldn't play "marginal" music, but he played "I Wanna Be Sedated" anyway, yeah! Most of the music was top 10 chart music but he threw in a few songs we asked for. They have a big screen TV and they play the music videos, it was fun!
I have already made next month's desktop calendar using the photo of my sister and I from the night and photos of albums/bands that was played that we liked. They didn't play Prince, Eurogliders or Men At Work, lol... tho he did play Whitesnake, Split Endz and Dire Straights... tho they are the times I decided to go to the toilet, lol! Then we walked home. It is a walk that I do ALL the time but my sister hasn't and it was nice to walk together and talk in the fresh cool night air after midnight. Nice side of town, so no troubles there... Went into the city on Friday for lunch with our cousin at Black Jacks. I also tried to buy the tickets for the up coming Hard Ons gig, but can't seem to find where to buy the is only 12 days away... I might have to go into the city again this week sometime... oh yeah... Thursday I am going in.... hopefully I can pick up the tickets then. I went into the city with the express idea of buying those purple Vans, but my sister talked me out of them and talked me into buying these sparkly mauve converse shoes instead... did I do the wrong thing? I worry that I am trying to look 12.... It's bad enough I want some Britney Spears perfume, but will I be looking like a Britney Spears fan wearing these shoes???  lol, hope not!
My sister went home on Saturday and I got a purple cat scratch pole for our kitten Joey.
Anyway, so this week will be back to normal and I will be back at the gym everyday. I have lost another 2 kilos, so I am very happy! Goodnight!  :)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

S***ty Things and Things To Look Forward To

OK.... lets get the shitty things out of the way...
Husband and I had an argument.... nothing new there.... same old same old...
but then he posted on Facebook that I want a divorce. Fine... he wants his friends and family to know, good, whatever... but he has nieces and nephews and younger cousins...(of mine also)... children ....on his facebook that really didn't need to know that crap.... what do you do.... I'm tired.....

Things to look forward to.....
This week.... My sister is coming over on Wednesday for 3 days.... Wednesday we are going to go shopping at Indro... Thursday I have to go to a Sarina Russo appointment and then Thursday night we will go to the Pig and Whistle in Indro.... it is supposed to be "Retro Night"   We are getting our hopes up a bit too much I suspect, thinking it is alternative retro night.... it will probably turn out to be just 80's top 40 shit music retro night, knowing our luck... but we are going to go and have a look see anyway. Please pray for us that it isn't all Eurogliders and Prince and Men At Work......
I really did try for all of 2 seconds to like Prince's "Purple Rain" but it is too horrible for words.... (I did get into Deep Purple a little bit tho, lol, yeah for 'Space Truckin'!!!!) Anyway... we will go for a few drinks and hope for the best.... Then on Friday we will finally go into the city to Black Jacks at the Treasury for lunch. We have been trying to go for the last 2 weeks, but something has always turned up to postpone it. Last week, cousin Barb's son was home sick from school. Hoping some of my Ramones CDs that I ordered have come in by then. I picked up "I Slept With Joey Ramone" book by his brother Mickey Leigh and I ordered this little cutie from the UK...
They sent it very quickly, which is always very appreciated, I was very excited about it.... it is sadly tho... a bit on the cerise side :(  But don't worry, I'll still be wearing it... (just don't tell Smiggle I'm condoning cerise all of a sudden, lol) I'll probably wear this to the Retro night on Thursday... The other really exciting thing/s are.... March 11 my cousin is getting married and we are looking forward to the wedding. It will be a morning/afternoon affair and after that, my sister and I are off to see The Hard Ons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They are doing a tour of Japan at the moment, then will tour Oz in March/April, then they are touring the UK and Europe in June/July!  They are playing a different venue in Brisbane, so I have to figure out where that is, hopefully I can pick up the tickets when I go into the city on Friday, whoo hoo! It is nice to have fun things to look forward to, it makes the day to day shit more bearable... Good night  :)

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Life Sux Sometimes

Well.... really, it does doesn't it?

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Valentine's Day

Hubby had 2 days off last week, to do stuff with his new bike and he got me an early Valentine's present.... a kitten....  Since my beautiful black and white cat, Asreal died, I have missed having a cat in our lives but wasn't ready to get a new one. Plus the kids keep me plenty busy, of course. I really wanted a Himalayan cat or a Rag Doll cat... I liked the cream fur with the brown nose and ears.... I don't want a pure bred, but just a kitty with that colouring.... anyway... the kitty he got me is a grey and white long haired male kitten and I had a bit of a hissy fit, tho I kept it inside.... I wanted to wait until our last and lonely guinea pig passed on and I really didn't want a cat in this house as we live on a busy road and I did sort of want to choose my own cat, but I had to tell the husband that the cat was lovely and he was wonderful otherwise it would be moody town around here, so I went for a walk to calm down... I got home and sulkily said... "I was expecting an Ipod or a gym membership, not  a cat"  So the next day when I got home from my walk to my local shopping center, on the table was the paper work for a year membership at a gym that is at my local shopping center! Yippee! We don't usually give Valentine's presents, I was just feeling a bit miffed that he had put us in debt for his bit of spoiling and I felt I deserved to be spoilt a bit too and now I do feel really spoilt! He had been going to customise his bike but decided that he liked it just fine the way it is, so he spent that money on the gym membership instead, yeah for me!  :)  And btw... I do love our new kitty... I am a cat person and it didn't take me long to fall in love with him... Many years ago, when my sister and I were living together, a friend of mine, who was a Ramones fan, had a little grey and white kitten that she named 'Joey'... but she couldn't look after him, so she gave him to me. My sister, being my elder sister and being a bit bossy and having no nonsense about her (love you sis!!!) she decided that I wasn't able to look after him either, so she took him to a cat shelter. Apparently he got a good home, but I still missed the opportunity of being a cat's Mum and was pretty glum about it and I have never forgotten little Joey that was given to me by my friend, Candy. Well, as soon as I got home and saw the kitten in Rob's arms and he said, "Now you have to give your cat a name" I immediately thought "Joey" would be the perfect name for this little mite too.... so yes, he is sort of named after Joey Ramone and sort of named after the cat that was mine for a day.
Friday was a sad day for our family, as it was my Uncle's funeral. Julie had a nice photo of Uncle Don on the casket and a photo of my Uncle and Aunts and my Mum when they were kids. It is a special photo to all of us Grandkids and when I saw it, I just couldn't help crying.
Uncle Don is the eldest one, then Uncle Kevin, my Mum is the eldest girl and then Aunty Barb and baby Aunty Pam, they are in North Quay in the city on the way by ferry to Lone Pine. This would have to be about 1949. I must get around to scrapping this photo. My eldest Uncle, Uncle Keith, who died 13 years ago is not in the photo, no one remembers why, tho he may have been working by that time as boys started work fairly young back then and he would have been about 15 by the look of Uncle Don's age in this photo.
This week I will be busy going to the gym and getting familiar to all that and on Friday I will be going out to lunch with my sister and cousin at Black Jacks in the city.
Tomorrow, for Valentine's day, I will have mini chocolate love heart cakes, love heart shortbread biscuits, chocolates and for tea we are having love heart shaped pasta. Wishing everyone lots of love for tomorrow, Happy Valentine's Day!!!  :)

Saturday, 5 February 2011


Today my husband went down the Gold Coast and bought himself a motorbike..... He's happy, he's wanted one for forever. He had one before we met but had to sell it and has pined for one ever since... so I am happy for him, tho it would have been nice to know about it but hey.... he can have his midlife crisis anyway he wants it, lol. It is blue and sort of matches our blue Kia Carnival car. I said.... 'well, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy Valentines Day' .... me, I'm getting perfume (for Valentines Day)..... being a purple freak, I will only fork out money on perfume that is in a purple bottle.... and the nicest one that I have found so far is 'Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy'... it smells like lollies. There is a Versace fragrance called 'Versus' that I quickly smelt that I thought was nice but I would have to check it out again to be sure. The Britney one I have wanted to get for awhile.
Anyway... in light of the new bike... apparently the car is mine now..... which would be wonderful if I could even drive... so now I have to get driving lessons...
Last week I went into the city and ordered some Ramones albums....'Leave Home', 'Pleasant Dreams' and 'Animal Boy' and also Joey's solo album 'Don't Worry About Me' and Dee Dee's solo album 'Greatest and Latest'   I couldn't order everything that day, so I just stuck to those 5 for now. The Joey album 'Christmas Spirit in My House' is no longer available... bugger :(  and I think I need to get Dee Dee's 'Zonked' album next, as well as six other Ramones albums I still haven't got .... I did get 'Loco Live' and a book about the Ramones from Rocking Horse .... which I am reading now, I have finally finished 'Little Dorritt'.  'Poison Heart' the book still hasn't come in yet and I also ordered in 'I Slept With Joey Ramone' written by his brother Mickey Leigh. Also... I am getting some purple Vans shoes!!!!  OK, yes... I am plenty spoilt....
I am going into Black Jacks at the Treasury Casino for lunch with my sister and cousin on Friday. It is always a fun day out with the girls... looking forward to it. And the local pool is back in business on Monday, so I can go swimming again! With all my walking in this heat, I have lost another 2 kilos, so that's great... hopefully I will loose some more again with the swimming.
On a very sad note, my Uncle died tonight. He has been unwell for many years but he has just kept on going. He has been in terrible pain for so very long but everyone says he kept going for my cousin Julie, his daughter. Her Mum died about 6 years ago and it has been very hard on both of them. Rest in peace Uncle Don, love you.  Good night.