Sunday, 27 February 2011

iRetro At Pig and Whistle

On Wednesday my sister came over. We watched "Rock and Roll High School"  and the Ramones documentary "End Of The Century"  Thursday I had to go to Toowong for an interview at Sarina Russo... gotta get a job...  then we went to Sizzler and then I grabbed a bottle of bubblie and some Fanta. After I made the family dinner, Debbranne and I drank the sparkling wine, mixed with a bit of vodka that I had in the house with the Fanta, it was nice! We got ready to go out and went to iRetro at the Pig and Whistle. The pub was pretty empty but we had fun anyway, asked the DJ to play the Ramones for us, he said he couldn't play "marginal" music, but he played "I Wanna Be Sedated" anyway, yeah! Most of the music was top 10 chart music but he threw in a few songs we asked for. They have a big screen TV and they play the music videos, it was fun!
I have already made next month's desktop calendar using the photo of my sister and I from the night and photos of albums/bands that was played that we liked. They didn't play Prince, Eurogliders or Men At Work, lol... tho he did play Whitesnake, Split Endz and Dire Straights... tho they are the times I decided to go to the toilet, lol! Then we walked home. It is a walk that I do ALL the time but my sister hasn't and it was nice to walk together and talk in the fresh cool night air after midnight. Nice side of town, so no troubles there... Went into the city on Friday for lunch with our cousin at Black Jacks. I also tried to buy the tickets for the up coming Hard Ons gig, but can't seem to find where to buy the is only 12 days away... I might have to go into the city again this week sometime... oh yeah... Thursday I am going in.... hopefully I can pick up the tickets then. I went into the city with the express idea of buying those purple Vans, but my sister talked me out of them and talked me into buying these sparkly mauve converse shoes instead... did I do the wrong thing? I worry that I am trying to look 12.... It's bad enough I want some Britney Spears perfume, but will I be looking like a Britney Spears fan wearing these shoes???  lol, hope not!
My sister went home on Saturday and I got a purple cat scratch pole for our kitten Joey.
Anyway, so this week will be back to normal and I will be back at the gym everyday. I have lost another 2 kilos, so I am very happy! Goodnight!  :)

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