Tuesday, 19 February 2008

More layouts!

Off To Kindy Credits Christmas Toes Credits

First Haircut Credits
Well, I said I meant to use my blog to showcase my layouts, so here are three I did today. Admittedly, two of them, I had started a few days ago, but today I must have had some mojo, LOL!

I started off this blog with a layout about my eldest son starting High School, well my first layout for today is about my youngest child starting Kindy.

It is unbelievable to me that she has started Kindy, she is our last child, our baby, but she is no longer a baby *sniff* I have only just recently been able to break the habit of referring to her as "the baby". The time sure does go fast!
The second layout is simply a funny layout about my love of toe nail polish and Christmas wrapped up in one... erm...pair of feet, LOL!
This Christmas past was the second time I painted my toenails red and green. I love looking down at my toes and feeling all Christmassy...tho right now, they are purple but are actually in need of a new coat of polish. A job for the week end!
And the last layout for tonight is my Kindy girl in the hair salon after her very first haircut, a nice little bob cut, fresh and ready for Kindy.
Gee, I hope I am as productive tomorrow as I was today. I even did a little bit of scrapbook graphic sorting. Tomorrow I need to do a back up burn. Too many downloads and not enough saves to discs!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

St Valentine's Day

Well, Valentine's Day has been and gone.
Normally we don't do much for it, if anything... Last year I made the kids and hubby cards that I put in their lunch boxes to find later in the day and made love coupons for hubby. I still honour them whenever he produces them ;) So this year I decided to go with something a little more tame for Valentine's Day! I made altered Valentine's Day tins and treat bags for our kids. The kids and Rob (husband) got the small treat bags in their lunch boxes and Rob got the burgandy tin and I got the purple tin (but of course! :) and the kids got the larger treat bags for after school.

I said to Rob,..."lets watch a romantic movie together for today" and so he chose "Titanic" so that's what we did for Valentine's Day this year.
Rob has a lot of movies, the majority are his, so there is very few romantic movies in our collection. But it was nice all the same!

I am not into bright red as a rule, so was happy to have the priviledge to play with Creative Confusion's new kit Quixotic. It doesn't have red as the predominant colour, which is a big plus for me.
and here is the layout I scrapped with it of Rob and I about to go on our first Valentine's Day 'date'
Where DO the years go! LOL!
Layout Credits

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

CT challenge layout

The Digi Chick is having a layout challenge where the winner gets to be a Creative Team member for the whole site for a month! wow! Too cool an opportunity to pass up!

As Valentine's Day is tomorrow, I centered my layout around a love heart and am quite happy with how it turned out.
Credits are HERE

Thursday, 7 February 2008

This really isn't a new layout, it is a do-over...

everything here is recoloured, except the stitching,the ribbon and the material flowers. Ribbon and metal charm by Shabby Miss Jenn, papers by Kathryn Wilson, paper flowers by Weeds and Wildflowers, stitching by Gina Miller, flower on the left by Rina Kroes, other flowers by Petit Moineaux, frame by Gina Maria, staple by ksharonk, journaling card art work by Jackie Eckles.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

School's in!

Ok, another post...

I am going to try and post my layouts here and blog more.

The kids are back at school. Our eldest is off to high school and our youngest has started Kindy!

Layout credits are HERE

Another reason I wanted to start blogging again is that I wanted to have a 'diary' of sorts. I had one growing up and I find my journal entries an endless source of entertainment. Reading about what I did as a teenager and what I thought and how I felt about life's goings ons is hysterical and also theraputic in a way. Some things that may have been forgotten can be seen with new eyes and can be quite liberating. It also helps me remember what being a teenager means and helps me be more patient with my eldest son, who just last month entered his teens!

When I first started this blog, I introduced myself and explained the blog name. Somehow it has been lost or deleted, so I will add it in here....

Purple Is My Colour is a song lyric from an alternative Australian band called 'Beasts of Bourbon' It's a fun song called 'I'm a Drop Out'

I discovered the band through watching 'Rage' late at night and spent many a happy hour listening to their record.

At the time, my circle of friends and I wore black exclusively, but as a younger child I was always drawn to the colour purple. My Mother also loved purple. My strongest memories of the colour purple was my Grandmother in New Zealand who sent matching knitted mauve jumpers for my Mother, sister and I.

I also distinctly remember some hand me down sandals I recieved that were violet and I adored them!

When I was a clad in black teenager, I seemed to be drawn to songs that had the word 'purple' in them, like the song 'Drop Out' by Beasts of Bourbon....

I wanna make the in scene

You know it's not such a bad dream

I give my ma some mean looks, Burn all my old school books

I buy a leather jacket so I look real tough

All the little girls will think I'm tough

I spend my time playing pool

That's how I'm gonna be so cool

Because I'm a drop out

I wanna be a guru I wanna be a god

I wanna be your baby I wanna be in love

Purple is my colour

Baby your my heart

So let's take some LSD

We can make a start Cause I'm a drop out

There were other songs too,

'Purple Haze' by Jimi Hendrix, of course,

'Murderess in a Purple Dress' by The Scientists
and up until this point, I was under the impression that one of the lines in 'Wildflower' by The Cult was...
'you're a purple creation'....but I just found out that it is actually
'you're a perfect creation'...LOL!
well....I always considered myself to be a Purple Creation! LOL!
there are probably other songs that had the word purple in them,
but it is 11.30pm and I need to get to bed and I can not think of them at present.
And yes, I did force myself to get into "Deep Purple"
I always thought "Smoke on the water" was funny and when I got an old LP of theirs I really liked 'Speed King' and 'Space Truckin'
Funnily enough, I have a husband that loves 'Deep Purple' LOL!
So there you go, that is the story behind the name "Purple Is My Colour"