Tuesday, 19 February 2008

More layouts!

Off To Kindy Credits Christmas Toes Credits

First Haircut Credits
Well, I said I meant to use my blog to showcase my layouts, so here are three I did today. Admittedly, two of them, I had started a few days ago, but today I must have had some mojo, LOL!

I started off this blog with a layout about my eldest son starting High School, well my first layout for today is about my youngest child starting Kindy.

It is unbelievable to me that she has started Kindy, she is our last child, our baby, but she is no longer a baby *sniff* I have only just recently been able to break the habit of referring to her as "the baby". The time sure does go fast!
The second layout is simply a funny layout about my love of toe nail polish and Christmas wrapped up in one... erm...pair of feet, LOL!
This Christmas past was the second time I painted my toenails red and green. I love looking down at my toes and feeling all Christmassy...tho right now, they are purple but are actually in need of a new coat of polish. A job for the week end!
And the last layout for tonight is my Kindy girl in the hair salon after her very first haircut, a nice little bob cut, fresh and ready for Kindy.
Gee, I hope I am as productive tomorrow as I was today. I even did a little bit of scrapbook graphic sorting. Tomorrow I need to do a back up burn. Too many downloads and not enough saves to discs!

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