Sunday, 13 April 2008

Harrah! My computer is back!

Jacque Larsen paper, Kate Hadfield doodles, Tiff Brady frame.
Made using Creative Confusion Designs: credits

Finally, after almost 2 months my computer is back from the shop! We blew a motherboard, which seemed simple enough to replace, however, they don't make the kind of motherboard that our computer was using anymore and so we needed to upgrade a few bits and pieces that plugged into it. The original computer store that we bought our computer from wanted $700 and we just didn't have that much money on hand, so we took it to our cousin's place, who lives an hour drive away (when we were able to) but things didn't work out as we'd hoped there and then we (meaning my DH) had to drive down there when he could, to pick it up, as we found a computer store right near us, who said they could get a new system up and running with a guarantee for about $200, so we did that. Then the c-drive decided to drop dead, so that was an extra $100.....*sigh* computer problems....don't ya just hate them!!!

Well, I can tell you, it almost killed me! Luckily our cousins had given us an old computer last year, for the kids, so I was at least able to move the modem over to the kids computer and get onto the net, so that wasn't so much of an issue, but my scrapbooking program is on our main computer, so therefore I couldn't do any scrapbooking......that was the most painful part!

Then the computer store said it would be ready this Tuesday afternoon, but it wasn't, it was going to be ready Wednesday...and it wasn't...When they rang my DH at work, to say it wouldn't be ready again, he immediately rang me, so that I was aware that "my baby" wasn't coming home. The day before, when he came home from work, I ran to each of the car windows to see where he had the tower, I almost choked when he said it wasn't ready! So he felt he needed to warn me on the Wednesday, just in case I took it out on him, LOL!

Anyway, on the Thursday, they said it would be ready about 5.30pm, so when DH got home from work, we watched some television together. No word from the computer to say it wasn't ready..that was a good sign, so after we had done watching our TV show, I got ready to go down the street. My hands were shaking like mad...when we got there, they were still working on it, 3 guys, all working on it to get it finished. Background information: this computer of ours is a great computer, in theory, but we have had nothing but trouble with it. Constantly blowing motherboards and power supplies. For the first 3 years, while it was under warranty, it was constantly in the shop, getting fixed. I really don't believe the shop we got if from really had any idea how to fix it, things were incompatable and etc, etc...Hopefully this new shop have sorted out all the glitches once and for all.....if that is ever possible for a PC.

Anyway, we got it back on Thursday night. I set the internet up on it and let DH reset the programs...(we had lost most of our programs when the original c-drive crashed, they tried to transfer as much of the programs as they could, but then it was up to us to re-set or re-load our programs. Did DH prioritise and put on my scrapbooking program immediately to appease his 2 months cold turkey scrapbooking challenged wife?? NO! Grounds for divorce, I'd say! LOL.

Anyway, yes, I guess I could have done it myself, but as DH says...he does all the organising/fixing/maintanance on the PC and I just get to enjoy it....(I am terrified of installing a program) So I spend all day Friday, with a beautiful computer, but with no scrapbooking program...

When DH got home, I sweetly begged him to reset our program....."can't find the disc, other things to do!!!" Did I flip my lid? You bet I did!

So I kicked him off the computer, searched, found disc, rang my computer savy sister and got her to talk me through installing the program....wasn't such a headache after all! Yeah! :)

I love my DH very much...but sometimes, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself! LOL... being Saturday, I will upload the 2 layouts that I got done today. The Easter one was a 2 second job, the other one, I started last night, after DH went to bed and I didn't finish it till this afternoon. Hopefully I will soon learn how to put photos at the end of the post, or how to get them where I want them...blogger is still very new to me...

Wishing you all a good weekend and a problem free computer! ;)

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