Thursday, 3 July 2008

I've Moved House!

Around the last time I blogged, I found out that I would be moving house, so I have been in a bit of a deep depression. I hate moving house so much that I've found life pretty hard to handle the last couple of months. But the horrid job is done now and we are in our new house. There are still boxes everywhere, but beds/lounge/TV/computer/kitchen are all where they need to be, so I guess the rest will come together eventually. I'm not rushing it, alot of it needs organising and sorting, so I am in no hurry. I have managed to keep up my scrapping and am also very pleased to become an ACDsee convert! I love it! I SO enjoyed tagging everything and organising and purging my stash. I just wished I was as energetic about the house, LOL!
I will include a few layouts, if I can figure out to insert them, I haven't blogged in so long, I've probably forgot, not that I knew how to do it properly before anyway, lol.
My gallery at is my most used gallery.
The first one is about my love of vampire stories.
The next one is made using a beautiful kit I was RAKed with from New Life Dreams Designs called 'Spread Your Wings'
This one was made using the gorgeous kit by Christina Renee: 'Ultimate Art Collection 2' that she created for the Diamond and Gold Members at Digishop Talk. I have always wanted to become a Gold Member but could never afford it. But as DST is my main hang out and the fact that Christina's kit was too beautiful to pass up, I finally became a Gold Member, so this is my layout using it.

It is my Mum (on top) her friend Renata and some boy who was chatting them up, lol! Images are clickable (I hope) and the next one is my most recent layout using the Digishop Talk Gold members kit by Shabby Princess for this month called Summer Cottage.

Hopefully when I blog next I will be able to say I am all done sorting and unpacking and we are all happy and settled in our new home. The kids seem to be happy and that is the main thing I guess, especially as we are quite close to a good park. We went there yesterday and they enjoyed themselves and I got some nice new photos to scrap with, yeah! :)

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