Thursday, 24 July 2008

I Am So Lucky!

Yesterday was my DH and my 14th wedding anniversary and what did I find in my PM box over at Digishoptalk when I got up in the morning...?
Two PMs with the news that I'd won something! Yeah!
First, I was lucky to win a RAK from Natali Design and I got the very beautiful Countryside
and the 2nd PM was that I had won a $15 GC layout challenge at Christina Renee's Authentic Artistry blog!!!!Talk about being in heaven!!
And what makes it even more special is that we just moved house and in all the stress/work load that comes with house moving, we had both totally forgotten that our anniversary was coming up, so had not planned for it and had no money to do anything, so these 2 wonderful wins really brightened my day immensely!
Thank you so much Natali Design and Christina Renee!! :)
Normally I make DH his favourite cake ...Black Forest cake, on Birthdays and Anniversaries, but I was unable to get to the shops to get cherries, cream and chocolate, so I decided to make his next favourite thing...biscuits. I made love heart shaped jam drops and also a plain chocolate cake as well. Next year we vow to do something special for our anniversary, but really, it is the little things that count and we had a nice day regardless.
(frame is one of the Christina Renee products I got from my Gift Coupon, 'Antiques The Frames')

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Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Congratulations on the anniversery and looks like you on a roll too!! I love the layout its a stunner!!