Saturday, 5 February 2011


Today my husband went down the Gold Coast and bought himself a motorbike..... He's happy, he's wanted one for forever. He had one before we met but had to sell it and has pined for one ever since... so I am happy for him, tho it would have been nice to know about it but hey.... he can have his midlife crisis anyway he wants it, lol. It is blue and sort of matches our blue Kia Carnival car. I said.... 'well, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy Valentines Day' .... me, I'm getting perfume (for Valentines Day)..... being a purple freak, I will only fork out money on perfume that is in a purple bottle.... and the nicest one that I have found so far is 'Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy'... it smells like lollies. There is a Versace fragrance called 'Versus' that I quickly smelt that I thought was nice but I would have to check it out again to be sure. The Britney one I have wanted to get for awhile.
Anyway... in light of the new bike... apparently the car is mine now..... which would be wonderful if I could even drive... so now I have to get driving lessons...
Last week I went into the city and ordered some Ramones albums....'Leave Home', 'Pleasant Dreams' and 'Animal Boy' and also Joey's solo album 'Don't Worry About Me' and Dee Dee's solo album 'Greatest and Latest'   I couldn't order everything that day, so I just stuck to those 5 for now. The Joey album 'Christmas Spirit in My House' is no longer available... bugger :(  and I think I need to get Dee Dee's 'Zonked' album next, as well as six other Ramones albums I still haven't got .... I did get 'Loco Live' and a book about the Ramones from Rocking Horse .... which I am reading now, I have finally finished 'Little Dorritt'.  'Poison Heart' the book still hasn't come in yet and I also ordered in 'I Slept With Joey Ramone' written by his brother Mickey Leigh. Also... I am getting some purple Vans shoes!!!!  OK, yes... I am plenty spoilt....
I am going into Black Jacks at the Treasury Casino for lunch with my sister and cousin on Friday. It is always a fun day out with the girls... looking forward to it. And the local pool is back in business on Monday, so I can go swimming again! With all my walking in this heat, I have lost another 2 kilos, so that's great... hopefully I will loose some more again with the swimming.
On a very sad note, my Uncle died tonight. He has been unwell for many years but he has just kept on going. He has been in terrible pain for so very long but everyone says he kept going for my cousin Julie, his daughter. Her Mum died about 6 years ago and it has been very hard on both of them. Rest in peace Uncle Don, love you.  Good night.

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