Saturday, 22 January 2011

Back To School

Well, the 4 kids are back to school in 2 days!! Yippee!! :)

Two weeks ago, I decided to change the girls primary school. I have been wanting to change their school for a few years now but I hate change and it takes me forever to make a move. I hated to move the girls away from their friends but I know that really, the change is for the best. No more school bus, I will be able to walk them to school, plus the new school is public and starts at 9am instead of 8.30... so hopefully that will mean that mornings aren't so frantic. Plus, academically, this new school is supposed to be better than the one they are currently at. I bought their new uniforms this morning and then this afternoon I went to get their books. Got all the stationary but sadly, none but 2 of their text books are available anywhere.... The new principle did say not to worry if I was unable to get all their books straight away.... so I am trying to not freak out and hyperventilate about it.....Got all the boys stuff for high school on Thursday, so that is not a problem.
The only other thing of interest to mention, is the fact that my sister is a single woman again and she is living it up to the full. I already blogged about our night out seeing The Hard Ons in October for Halloween.... that was to cheer her up, as she was devastated that her idiot husband had left her and the kids. But now she is loving the freedom and she was excited to tell me that she saw that "Flares" nightclub is "happening" the night before Australia Day.... apparently it is an occurring event.... which is very interesting to me.... My sister would love to go, but sadly, I am too strapped for cash with all the money draining things that has been happening for us lately... Ailani's 7th birthday, Christmas, New Years, Kale's 16th birthday, back to school costs for 4 we are having an Australia Day BBQ with Kale's girlfriend's family.... so I can't go to Flares..... maybe the next time it comes around... I might be able to convince the husband that I am only doing it for my sister's benefit..... which I am.... but Flares used to be one of  my favourite nightclub venues.... tho back in those days, it was truly "Flares" ... they played 70s disco, cool disco like "Knock On Wood"  by Amii Stewart,  'Turn The Beat Around' by Vicki Sue Robinson, 'Rusputin' by Boney M, 'Feels Like I'm In Love' by Kelly Marie and the like... I would always dress accordingly... in a purple jump suit or purple flares. The Flares of today plays alternative music from the 80s.... the kind of stuff I danced to when I was a teen. So basically... my music is now considered 'retro' which is funny... coz when we thought of retro music, we thought of The Doors, The Loved Ones, Shocking Blue, The Easy Beats, The Monkees and the like...
getting back to my sister, she used to wear a Doors t shirt all the time, until some ****er stole it and everything else off our clothes line way back in the day when we used to live together after we moved from Hervey Bay to Brisbane...

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