Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

It's New Year's Eve and instead of grooving to good music, my husband is forcing me to watch a 'Planet of the Apes' marathon. Bugger.... so I am sitting here, in the dark, on the other side of the room with headphones secretly placed on my head listening to music...
Benefit of the Doubt by Crystal Set  and .... to go with my New Year's Eve drink of choice....
Bad Gin by Blue Ruin .... just some nice 80s tunes..... :)  ...also... Stranded by The Saints
When You're Down by The Headstones  I Don't Mind by The Hitmen and Slave Girl by The Lime Spiders and then I have to veer over to For Always by The Stems..... awwww! and awww again... At First Sight by The Stems and I have to peek at the Ramones... You Don't Come Close and tonight, I can't stop singing this... Locket Love and of course... my favourite that always makes me smile... Where Did She Come From by the Hard Ons. Every now and then I get up to do a bit of work in the kitchen, making curried egg salad, garlic cucumber salad, coleslaw... and I put my new purple MP3 player in my ears and listen to some more music. Not a bad New Year's Eve after all.  I remember many moons ago when there was a Planet of the Apes marathon on TV, my friend Wolfgang had a party and before the other guests arrived and before the movie started he challenged me that I couldn't  drink 3 of these 'shots' of alcohol.... God knows what was in them and never one to back down from a challenge, I downed them all and promptly passed out. When the Planet of the Apes movies came on he desperately tried to wake me up but there was no waking me.... I always thought I'd missed out on a fun night... but now come to think of it, I missed out on nothing, lol. Tonight, our eldest son was off with his girlfriend, so it was just the 3 kids, Rob and I lighting sparklers and letting off poppers, covered with glow in the dark bangles. Ailani was happy to hold the sparklers this year. Got some nice photos, will post them when I get them onto the computer. The eldest son got home about 1.30, we were all up still, so I got some photos with him,

 Hoping 2011 is a fantastic year for all... I am optimistic that it will be a good one for me.
Christmas was good... extremely wet... but good, it was not the huge effort it usually is. I had Mum here helping, plus she insisted buying cooked chooks and she brought down 2 cooked legs of pork, so there was only the baked vegetables to cook, even tho we had more people than normal, it was quite a restful Christmas. I made a special mixed Christmas CD for the day... I am doing a layout about it... the song that I listened to the most on the big day was... 'Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)' by the Ramones! Such a fabulous song! We seemed to have endless rain around that time, tho it is lovely fine weather at the moment, hope it holds out. Anyway, I have to get to bed, it is 3.18am and I need some sleep.
Happy New Year!!!!

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