Friday, 29 May 2009

A Friday Night Post

I have updated my blog's look using Christy Haig's instructions for 'Customizing Your Blog' lessons.
Yippee! Thank you Christy, I am so happy to have some 'papers' in there for the background, so thrilled! :)
It will be a work in progress I wanted to use papers that I made, to avoid having to ask a designers permission to use their designs (I am just bone lazy I guess, lol) I am no designer and have no desire to be...but I can see those papers changing slightly on a regular basis, lol.

I have had a layout accepted for publication at The Daily My very first 'published' layout, so that was a thrill. It will be in the June edition.
Lately I have been having trouble with my EHD. It keeps crashing, but then after a rest, it is working again, but then it will crash again after a few hours. Driving me nuts and I am worried it will crash for good. I must get around to Googling what is wrong with it before it's too late.
Another thing keeping me from scrapping is our eldest DD is getting ready for her first Communion. So I have been sewing her a headdress with flowers and ribbons and sewing beads onto the white jumper I bought her and sewing her a white skirt.
I didn't realize how much I missed sewing until I sat down in front of the sewing machine again.
I just might start sewing again! Whether it is winter approaching or whatever, I am wanting to start knitting again. I think it is that I am sewing the beads onto the jumper while I am watching TV, it just feels nice to be utilizing some free time while I am relaxing in front of the TV. Besides a few dresses I have made the girls and one knitted outfit I made Amethyst, I haven't made as much for the girls as I did for the boys.
Speaking of sewing things... Keenan told me he needed an elf's hat for school...and of course, he needed it the next I scratched through my materials looking for a plain bit of green fabric....after about an hour and a half of searching, I found what I was looking for and made him a hat with a fake brown leather trim...not bad for a midnight sewing machine session. Keenan was happy with it too, so that made my day/night.
Today I went to a Cancer Council fund raising Morning Tea. Here in Australia we call it 'Australia's Biggest Morning Tea' and it is quite the event on our side of town.
I had a lovely time and it was nice to know I was helping in some small way.
OK, onto some of my latest layouts...
I think my next gadget that I'd like to add to my blog will be one of those slide shows for my layouts. I still have one more lesson to do to complete my 'Customizing Your Blog' lessons, so I will do that first. I will probably put flowers or ribbon down the sides of the inner paper, but I will tackle that tomorrow. Gee I hope the kids let me sleep in tomorrow morning!
Star and Amethyst
Amethyst had a talk on guinea pigs, and without telling us, she popped her favorite guinea pig in her school bag and hopped in the car and managed to get to class without us being any the wiser of the stowaway in her bag! After dropping the kids off at school, we were heading off in the car and I got a message on my mobile phone, telling me that Amethyst had a guinea pig in her possession and that animals weren't allowed unsupervised by an adult at school! So we had to turn around and go and rescue the poor over loved guinea pig. LOL! She did manage to finish her talk 'tho, lol!
Digi Shop Talk seems to be down, so I will post the link tomorrow, but that's it for me tonight.

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