Wednesday, 17 June 2009

S'Whine Flu and Holidays

I had a son home from school before the holidays started due to swine flu being confirmed in his school! My DH took him to the doctors, but the doctor said there was no use even testing him. A friend of his has just come out of quarantine after having the virus. Thankfully all the kids are well now, I was panicking a bit when they were all sick with a normal flu.
Anyway..onto other things..
I have had my first layout 'published' in an online magazine...It was in the June edition of
The Daily Scrapper. Mine is the second layout on that page. I am so pleased my layout was chosen and I do love that layout using Vera Lim's kit 'It's My Day' at Shabby Pickle Designs.
I finally finished reading 'The Change' by Germaine Greer. I wanted to read it to know what to look out for in the coming years. My Mum stopped menstruating when she was 41, which is really quite young. I am hoping I follow suit, which means only 2 years to go! Mum said she never had hot flushes or anything like that, so she was incredibly lucky. 'Tho I do remember her being terribly moody. I've already warned Rob (DH) that I will probably be really moody too....cheeky rat says..'not much different then'
Oh men, what do we do with them, lol!
'The Change' was a great book, very detailed and inspiring. I have always been a fan of Germaine's writing, I read 'The Female Eunuch' when I was 21. She has written two enlightening books that I think are a gift to this world. And I really have to thank her for adding to the person I am today for reading 'The Female Eunuch' I think every young woman should read it and every older woman should read 'The Change' Very inspiring and character strengthening reads.
The next lot of books I read was the Sookie Stackhouse books. After I read the Twilight books, of course I was on the look out for another great vampire story...and thanks to DST again, I found one... To begin with, I was totally aghast that vampires had 'come out'. I love the shadowy, secretive lore of vampires, but after a few pages I warmed to the idea and enjoyed the 'difference' of it. The murder mystery/who dunnit element that was more pronounced in the first book also threw me a bit but over all, I really loved the books. The next book in the series isn't out 'til May 2010! EEEEkk!!! How can I wait!
I was so lucky to get on the Twilight kick just a few weeks before the last book was released and I could read all about how they ended up 'living' happily ever after...for eternity....
The only comfort with the Sookie series is the fact that the show 'True Blood' that plays on cable TV HBO in the States now has the first season on DVD. The 2nd season has already started in the States, so I guess it will be awhile before we can see it here in Australia.
It was released here on the 1st of July. I was unable to get the the shops last week to check out if it was available at Kmart. I had rung JB Hi-Fi and Ezy DVD and got their prices and was wondering if I could get it cheaper at Kmart. Well, I went to Kmart yesterday and saw a True Blood poster, so I skipped over to the counter in that area and asked for it and the girl said that it was so popular that they had all sold out in a few short days, and it had been on sale for only $30!! ($26 cheaper than either of the other 2 places I called!) I was devastated! She wouldn't let me get a rain check either....I'm hoping I can get a copy soon!
Here is a layout I did on my latest book obsession...credits Here. The title of the layout is inspired by Eric telling Sookie that she is spoiled for humans, lol. I love it, ooh, and Eric too! We watch the BBC show Merlin and in my minds eye, I see the actor that plays Arthur as Eric, tho he may be a little young for Eric's roll. I do hope that the actor that plays Eric in True Blood can live up to my expectations. Blonde men aren't usually my 'thing' so he has a lot on his plate to cut it for me, lol... I know from trailers that I love Anna Paquin as Sookie. Can't wait to see it!

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