Sunday, 2 August 2009

No Computer AGAIN!

Well, I post this from my sons' computer. Our main computer died....again. Photobucket Geez I'm sick of it. We've had nothing but trouble with it from day one. I so want to get a mac! I also want my own computer, tired of sharing it with hubby. Thankfully I had done a back up burn about 3 days before the crash, so I don't think I lost anything major. I had bought Flerg's 'July Grab Bag' with those wonderful liquid metal bugs and flowers, but I just went and re-downloaded them as it was less than a week ago that I'd bought it. The only thing I lost was maybe 3 layouts that I'd started but not finished yet. Only one of those will be a pain to recreate. I'd started a layout about why I became a vegetarian. I had the lyrics to The Smiths song 'Meat is Murder' and a whole stack of journaling about how I came to know about that song and how it made me rethink eating meat. I really hadn't done anything other than that, I had one background paper and the title done, but I hadn't gone further than that as the journaling had taken up so much room there wasn't much room left for embellishments. I had started it as a font challenge for Shabby Pickle using 'Joe wrote a Love Song' font but of course, I couldn't get it finished in time, coz of the computer crash. Tho it was just time getting away from me that I didn't finish (but started and therefore lost) the June font challenge using 'Merkurius' font. Bloody computer crash!
It is Inspiration Lane's 1st Birthday Celebrations this week. They are celebrating for 2 whole weeks and there are plenty of party favors and specials to be had. They are doing a free daily downloads and some birthday themed specials too. And lots of challenges and inspiration with some great rewards.
I have been with Digital Couture and Joyful Hearts Designs and their joint design team: 'Creative Confusion' for a long time now and they are such sweet, fun girls to work for and I have been a site CT with Inspiration Lane since the doors opened a year ago. It has been a wonderful and inspiring creative journey and I really do believe that being on their CT has helped me grow artistically. I have now stepped down as Creative Team Member however, as time seemed to be limited for me at the moment and I never seem to find the time to get everything done. I do have a layout that I will be doing for 'Inspired By Dominic Designs' once my computer is working again, luckily the kit I downloaded from her is one of the ones I burnt before the crash.
We do need to start saving for a new computer tho. Apparently there is a new system coming out in November 'Vienna' I think it's called, so we will wait for that to be released so we can avoid Vista, the reviews for that aren't exactly positive.
Mum is coming to visit on Friday for about 5 days, looking forward to that. I've been cleaning and organizing Amethyst's filthy room so it will be clean for Mum's arrival. I had to rip it apart to find a school library book that had been missing for some time. Thankfully I found it. I pulled everything out of her cupboard and have started repacking it into large plastic (purple) boxes, so nothing is on the floor. Hopefully it will stay tidy for at least a month! Praying gif
On our anniversary I managed to get 'True Blood' DVD the first season at Kmart. I was SO happy! We are watching it an episode at a time and not everyday. I want it to last awhile, savor it! And boy, am I loving it! I have 2 of the short stories on hold at the library...I've read 'Dracula Night' and am waiting for 'Unusual Suspects' to come into my library, but the others I will have to wait until they are released as one book, I 'think' that is happening in November. Charlaine Harris is releasing something in November anyway! The book I am reading now is about 'Iggy Pop' by Paul Trynka called 'Open Up and Bleed' (my book has a different photo on the front) I am really loving it! The author has really done his research and it really feels like I am right there in the studios or the audience with Iggy. I just love him. I have always loved a certain amount of Iggy's songs...'Lust for Life', 'I'm Bored', 'I Wanna Be Your Dog', 'Real Wild Child' (the theme song to music show 'Rage' that I always watched) and 'Candy' (with B52's singer Kate Peirson) but that was all knew of him musically and I just adored him as Uncle Belvedere in the movie 'Cry Baby'. One of my all time favourite movies! Photobucket I love the quote from the movie.... "But I taught you how to dress, didn't I, Cry-Baby?" and this one...
to Cry Baby] Woo-Wee, you caught me in my birthday suit, butt-naked!

I recently bought 'Cry Baby' DVD and when I saw the book about Iggy Pop, I just had to buy it.
This is one of my favourite photos of Iggy Pop from the book 'Open Up and Bleed' Fave Photo from the book Such a great book! Apparently there was talk about a movie being made about Iggy Pop, with Elijah Woods playing Iggy. I guess his big blue eyes are fairly close. I hope it does get done. Iggy's life has been pretty amazing, I'd love to see it! Next time I go into the city I'll be going into Rocking Horse Records to check out and see if they have some Iggy Pop albums, I'd love to listen to the songs I am reading about. Thanks to youtube, I've seen him perform some songs, interviews and videos.. it makes reading the book so much more exciting!

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