Sunday, 22 November 2009

New Moon On Monday!

DH and I are off to see New Moon tomorrow! After dropping the kids at school, we will be going to see the much awaited Twilight sequel in the Gold Class section of our local cinemas! I am so excited and have been singing Duran Duran's 'New Moon on Monday' all week! I put the video for Duran Duran's 'New Moon on Monday' over on the right, why there is 4 links to the video is Bloggers guess...I'm not that great at working my own try and pretend that there is only one preview of the video that you can see, thanks, lol...

It's been a long week, my husband was on night shift and our 2nd eldest son had his end of year 7 school play. On Wednesday he had a dress rehearsal, at night, which is hard for me, as I don't drive and we are a 40 minute walk away from the school. Luckily one of the teachers who is a friend of ours, angelically offered to pick him up and bring him home for me when he was finished. So that was wonderful. On the Thursday he had his first performance. We had to walk 20 minutes to the nearest bus stop... and then almost missed the bus home, as the play went a bit overtime but thankfully we managed to get it. For his second performance, DH, Rob took the night off work so we could all go and see him.
He was wonderful, he played 2 roles and he really gave them his all, we were so proud of him!
Now that the hectic school week is over I can breath easy and am really looking forward to going to see New Moon tomorrow. It will be our second time going to Gold Class and we have already decided what we are going to order for lunch, yum! I'm getting the garlic prawns and mushroom balls and Rob is getting the seafood platter.
As I have been itching to see New Moon, I decided to play with Flergs 'Into The Twilight' kit.
I bought it a couple of weeks ago and have not got around to use this is what I made with it...Here are my 2 little girls on Halloween. I bought them and my niece matching t-shirts that said 'I'm With The Vampires' and my girls had bat wings and bat ears too (as did I, lol) I thought that Flergs kit was perfect for this photo of them in our front yard.
I've also done another layout for Rachel Young with her new alpha Messy Machine Alphabet
Credits Here.
What am I reading at the moment? After I finished reading 'A Touch of Dead', the short stories of Sookie Stackhouse, I started reading 'Sharon Osbourne Extreme My Autobiography'I am really loving it, loving Sharon...I get a laugh from her humour and her way of looking at things, I like her attitude. I go to my local large shopping centre once a week as my day out and I will buy something to eat and sit down in the food court or wherever and read whatever book I am reading. I must look like a weirdo, because I would be laughing out loud at some of the things Sharon wrote however, of all the things that Ozzy did to her when he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, I didn't really bat an eyelid at, coz you kind of expect it, but the time that he tried to strangle her, I just bawled my head off. The despair she felt about the whole situation really touched me, it was very sad. I love the honest open way she has shared everything, she hasn't been shy about saying anything. Of course I watched 'The Osbournes' when it was on TV. We had Foxtel when it started and I would watch it with Rob, who is an Ozzy fan, owns every album he ever made. I knew Black Sabbath only because Marc Almond did a cover of Paranoid, but once you watch 'The Osbournes' you can't help but love Ozzy. My 65 year old Aunty loves Ozzy! Now I am needing to see the episodes again, so I will be going to look for them when I go to the shops next the mean time, I will be youtubing interviews with them.
The next book I will be reading is 'Burning Bright' by Tracy Chevalier.
Well, that's it for another post, hope all you Twilighters out there have either seen and enjoyed the movie, or are going to see it soon. Have a nice week :)

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