Monday, 3 September 2012

Book Shop Girl

Two week ends ago, I went into my local book store to buy 4 classic novels for the low price of $12. One being "The Great Gatsby" I wanted it for two reasons. Firstly, it is one of the books on my 'One Hundred Great Books' list. I have been collecting these books since I was a teenager. As the list itself is quite ancient in itself, some of these classic books are hard to come by or at least in my travels. I have not hunted them ferociously, but simply bought them as I have come across them. Secondly, I wanted this book as it has been made into a movie and I would like to read it before I go to the cinemas to see it. At the counter of this book store was an advertisement that a casual senior position had become available and to submit any willing resumes for consideration. The girl who served me encouraged me to do so. So at my earliest convenience, I did. They called me the following day to arrange an interview and told me the job would be opening in early September. A good amount of notice for my current employers, I thought. I made the interview for Thursday night, so as to not affect my current work hours but I became ill with my daughters stomach virus and had to take the day off work anyway. I slept most of the day hoping that I would be feeling better by the time of the interview but I was still nauseous. None the less, I managed to have a lovely interview and after waiting three anxious days, they called me to tell me I was successful. Whoo hoo! However, they asked me if I would start work in three days! I told my employers with a heavy heart that I had to leave. They were sad for me to go but happy for me also. Last week was my first week of work. It was good and I know I will be happy there. I love books and I look forward to working with books everyday. Another thing that I look forward to and that shall make me very happy is that The Johnny's and Six Ft Hick are playing on September 15th at Punkfest: Prince Of Wales Hotel!! It is so nice to have things to look forward to! Instead of being Tim Brooke-Taylor's "Punkerella",  I will be Gunslinger Sally... (whoever she is, lol) It's too bad I no longer have my Father's bullet belt... hee hee! I have been listening to Six Ft Hick's CD "On The Rocks" non stop and am going for a beautiful bike ride into the city tomorrow to pick up their CD "Cane Trash"  that I had on order at Rocking Horse Records. That is the new... the old is the fact that I am an old Johnny's fan from way back. I have a treasured letter from the band that they sent to a 16 year old me in response to my fan mail to them, somewhere in the house, possibly packed next to my old Indian head belt buckle.... hmmm.... must look for that....I need a good belt to wear with my new black Lee jeans. About a month and a half ago I finally worked up the courage to buy online a pair of Lee jeans for less than half the retail price. Lee jeans are not cheap, let me tell you,  I have always wanted a pair but could never justify the cost. Frankly, my arse was never worth the price. However, I am very proud of my weight loss achievements over the last two years and I have quite literally worked my arse off, so I thought that I deserved to reward my backside the best way I saw fit. I do think I still need to lose a bit more weight but for now... if the jeans fit, wear them. And wear them I shall, lol! I wore them to see Blackie's solo gig recently.
Which was lovely, even tho I did feel at times that I wanted to impersonate my Mother when she went to see Elvis in "Love Me Tender" and she felt the need to tell the audience to shut up coz she was trying to hear Elvis speak/sing and they were being rowdy, .... I refrained, of course. Good old Mum, she didn't, lol!
So off to Punkfest my sister and I go once more next month. I am excited to hear the Johnnys live once more after all these years. My sister and I saw them at East Leagues club in 1987. They played with Japanese punk band "Star Club"  I currently have a few Johnnys songs on my MP3 player that I listen to whilst out running or cycling. On my MP3 player I have 3 large folders of songs (plus other individual CD favourites in separate folders) that I use solely for excising. "Ramones"  "Hard-Ons" and "Other Stuff"  which is an amalgamation of favourite up beat songs that gets my legs pumping. Obviously some songs inspire me to run faster. "Move It" and "Dead Men From Boothill" by The Johnnys are two of those songs. When my sister and I went to see The Hard-Ons at the Prince of Wales Hotel in May, I was happily enjoying the gig when one of those songs that helps me run harder came on. I think it was "In The End We All Die Alone"  The whole crowd were enjoying it and moving back and forth like waves on the beach. I looked down at my legs and notice that I have absent mindedly started running on the spot! How embarressment, but then I thought... "oh, just go with it... they are just doing what they are programmed to do"  Lol! So I wonder if the same will happen at The Johhnys gig.... I will tell my sister to grab me by the hair if I start running towards the door, lol....

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