Sunday, 28 October 2012

September/October news.

well... since my last blog post... my sister and I went to see The Johnnies. They were great, as were 6Ft Hick.

Had a really fun night. Afterwards, Hoody was out the front, I really would have liked to get a photo with him but I was too shy, but I am so glad I went, they were brilliant! My eldest daughter went to Canberra with her school on a four day excursion. Rob had to get her to the airport by 5.30am in the morning. The first day they saw the sites in Sydney... Mrs Macquarie's Chair, Botanic Gardens, Opera House, Captain Cook cruise on the Harbour and the Sydney Tower Eye then they travelled to Canberra where they did a lot of things over the next 3 days. Lucky little lady.

Then I held a High Tea on the 1st of October in honor of the Queens 60th anniversary of her coronation. I really wanted an enlarged framed photo of Tim Brooke-Taylor on the table dressed as the Queen but I left it to the last minute and the only Goodies book I was able to loan from the library did not have photos of that description. But I did have some other photos enlarged and printed up and blue tac-ed to the wall behind us.
You can't get anything more British than the Goodies. Love 'em.  :)
Then it was my 42nd birthday. I chose to have a BBQ.... mainly so I didn't have to cook. I made myself a cake tho and a few salads and vegetarian kebabs which Rob cooked first for me, naturally.
And my new job at the bookstore is going great. So very happy about that. I love books, it just makes so much sense for me to work in a book store. When I first started looking to get back into the workforce, the first place I left my resume at was a book store. I didn't get anywhere to begin with and of course I then got the job at the cafe, but one day I was buying 4 penguin classics for $12 on sale at my local bookstore and I saw on the front counter a sign advertising a position vacant. When I pointed it out to the girl serving me, she was very encouraging and suggested I drop off my resume, which I did and they rang almost immediately to ask me in for an interview. I think I waited an anxious week when they rang and said I was successful! It is only a casual position, I only have 3 days work a week but I get paid the same amount as I was getting for 5 days part time/casual work in the cafe, so I am doing well. Tho I am also getting extra work out at the warehouse/head office of our book store every time they open a new store somewhere in Australia. This week I am working 4 days out at the warehouse. To begin with the husband was driving me out there, but he has started back at work after a hell of a lot of time off work due to his stupid motorbike accident. (don't get me started on that! The great lummox has now bought a Harley Davidson and $10 000 worth of dental treatments, behind my back...again, fume, fume, fume!!) So as of tomorrow, I will be riding my bike out there. Thankfully there is a bike track almost all the way there, as there is no bus that will take me directly there. It  takes 50 minutes, which will be a lovely ride, and I do miss my long bike trip into the city everyday, so it is not daunting to me at all. The only daunting thing was when I tried to do my first dry run out there to see if I could find the joint OK. I thought I got myself lost... I am notoriously inept at reading a map and I was convinced that I was heading in the wrong direction... as all the road signs over the highway along side the bike track said "Wacol" which is where the jail is.... I freaked out and turned around and came home. But it turned out that I was almost there after all and the second time I did the dry run I made it all the way there. So tomorrow I will be out at the warehouse, packing, pricing and re-packing books to be sent to the new store opening in Penrith, New South Wales. For some reason, I thought that there was an old jail in Penrith but Google tells me otherwise... but the theme of the last 2 weeks has been "jail" so I will end this post with Roger Daltrey's apt and brilliant song... Free Me!

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