Friday, 27 July 2012

A Joggers Journey

Let me take you, if I may, on a journey... a joggers journey.
I took my camera with me on my run last week and took photos of my running track. I just love it to pieces... I will be running forever.... quite often on either my run, or my bike ride home, I see this old guy out fast walking, he'd be 90 if he's a day, and I always smile and nod at him and think.... "you go babe, you go"  That will be me.... I'll be jogging until my ankles give out... and then I will get titanium ones put in. I will be out there jogging at 90, with my purple bike shorts and a purple rinse through my grey permed hair going... "get out of my way you young whipper snappers, this purple machine is coming through!"  I'll be like Mom from Futurama.... "pass me my thigh blaster, *squeak, squeak, squeak*" LOL....
          This is at the start of my run, just around the corner from our house. Purple flowers line the way.
                                              Running across a bridge over the Brisbane river.
         Such peaceful and lovely scenery, it fills my heart with joy, I am so lucky to live on this side of town.
                                                  The plaque explains the photo before it.
                                   This is headed away from the river but along side a man made lake.
                                               I am almost half way done my run by this stage.
                                                      Half way done, heading back now.
                                                 Running past the man made lake again.
                                                    Back along side the Brisbane river.
There is a few bits of exercise equipment dotted along the side of the track. I am in love with this ab crunch bench. It is nice to stop running for a bit and have a breather..... doing 4 sets of 30 sit ups on this.

                                        This is the view I have to my right whilst doing my sit ups.
 Then a little way up the track I do 25 push ups off the medium bar, then move to the lower bar and do 25 tricep dips then move to the higher bar and do 25 rows (something like chin ups but with my feet still on the ground) then I go and do another set of 25 of each of them before running home.
You can see the trees that were savaged in the Brisbane floods back in 2011. They are no longer covered in mud and silt but they are bent over and dead and ghostly looking.

                                            Just about back to the bridge that takes me home.
Going over to the left of the river is a skaters park and DFO (Direct Factory Outlet shopping center)
I don't go here too often, only when I need something but only a girl could combine running and shopping, lol. I do feel silly running home with a shopping bag when I buy something, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, hee hee....
                                                              back over the bridge.

                                  along side of the highway,  it is well fenced off  from it tho.

Just  a little bit up from here I almost stomped on a baby brown snake sunning itself on the path. Very nearly home now and time for a beautifully delicious and well earned shower.

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margie Joy said...

Lilac Lady you are great writer,
loved your story very much, can see why you enjoy your jogging and riding the scenery is beautiful ,
what a way to keep thin
keep up your healthy exercise
your biggest fan
your Mother.xx34