Monday, 21 May 2012

That's Not How You Treat A National Treasure

Like many, many, many Australians and people world wide, I was shocked and saddened to hear that Blackie, lead singer/guitarist of legendary punk rock Aussie band Hard-Ons was bashed whilst driving his taxi on Thursday night by 2 teenagers.... evil little turds.
When I was a teenager, I listened to a friend's 'Surfin' On My Face' 7" EP, Busted/Suck And Swallow 7", my sister's Girl In the Sweater 7" and I bought the cassette of Where The Wild Things Are a split EP release with The Celebrate Rifles. I missed a whole heap between and afterwards but about 2 years ago I stumbled upon their MySpace page and decided to catch up with what they were up to after reading their Bio (click on "more" under General Info) I thought it was damn impressive. Then I found their forum online and read this "about" section and was suitably impressed even more...
especially these lines...
Naturally, the fact that the band took deliberate steps not to take the conventional music industry highway didn't help in their lack of mass appeal. They recorded themselves for themselves, promoted themselves and generally held the reins for the entire Hard-Ons machine through right down to cover art, choosing supports acts and pioneering the concept of all ages shows. It was an unswerving creed that virtually ensured their ostracism from the outset.
Nonetheless the Hard-Ons achieved all they possibly could and more within those self imposed confi

I think, no matter what kind of music you like, you have to respect that. 
And clearly a good many people do, as benefit gigs and fund raising events are popping up all over the country to assist Blackie while he heals and recuperates. 

So, if you have ever enjoyed a Hard-Ons song, please try to donate some money, or get along to one of the benefit gigs (I would kill to be able to get to the Sydney gigs next week end at the Annandale Hotel on Friday the 1st of June and Newcastle's Great Northern Hotel on Saturday the 2nd) every little bit will help and it is a nice gesture of appreciation for a very lovely and talented man.

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