Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Goodbye Gym and Update Your Lycra

Well, there are a couple of  'goodbyes' for this week.
I'm sadly saying goodbye to my gym. Last night was my last visit.
I enjoyed the sauna, steam room and aromatherapy room, then went to my beloved Body Combat class. I tell you, this week, I really needed to be kicking and punching and yelling. I did Body Combat on Saturday and Monday night, my last night, and also did a step class straight afterwards....
I have ummed and ahhed about renewing my membership which runs out tomorrow, but I decided finally not to renew. I am never home, after work I would go to the gym and all week end long I would spend at the gym, my family were beginning to forget what I looked like, and I was exhausted all the time too, so I decided to call it a day. I have about 3 more kilos I would like to lose but hopefully my bike ride into the city and back 5 days a week will at least help me maintain my weight loss but I will start running out in the wild on the week ends and doing some aerobics via DVD at home and hopefully that will help. I am also saying goodbye to my local shopping centre, which really is an end to an era for me. I first started going to my local large shopping centre once a week when Amethyst started kindy back in 2004. It was my outlet and my "me" day. Then 2 years ago, I started walking there 3 times a week for exercise, then last year I started walking there every day to go to the gym. It was my haven but I have remembered something from my past that makes going there very difficult and it is better for me to stay away. Will only need to go there when we want to go to see a movie. I am working 5 days a week now, but only doing 2 and a half hours a day, so I am able to walk the girls to school and then get back in time to pick them up. Rob is back at work full time now. He is still in pain from his motorcycle accident back in March last year, but the doctor said it should be better in 6 months time. At least he is on full pay again now.
I am still loving my bike track so much, I actually get excited about hopping on the bike to ride to work. I love it like a lover.... I miss it when I am away from it and can't wait to get back on it again. lol... It was a blessed thing to go back to work after 3 weeks holiday over the Christmas break, simply to get on my bike and feel the breeze on my face and hear great music in my ears. For some time now, I have been wearing little shorts over my leggings....there is a reason for this....The bike track is alongside the highway on one side and bushland, mostly on the other side, so the grassy, tree filled scenery is quite calming. Every now and then 'tho you will get a bike rider ride past in their Lycra shorts that are a bit past their due date. Threadbare Lycra is a little like tinted glad wrap.... makes me think of  a Hard-Ons song..... "there's a Hard-Ons song...."
can't find a link to a video on youtube... bugger.... but it is from the song "Preservation of a Wild Cat" from their "Very Exciting" CD and Blackie sings... "Just don't make me watch no foreign films, I get a head ache when I see too much arse"  lol... so please.... Brisbane bike track riders.... update your lycra, otherwise you'll give me a head ache, hee hee! :p
Speaking of Blackie, on Thursday, my sister and I went to see him do a solo gig at The Zoo. He was supporting Scott Kelly (from Neurosis) and John Baizley (from Baroness) He has his 2nd CD coming out in a few months time, I'm really looking forward to that. Thursday night was such a wonderful night! :)
                                                 Blackie.    You couldn't meet  a nicer person.

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Margie Joy said...

Hi Lilac Lady , i can see why you love your bike and jogger track
the scenery is so beautiful,
keep up the good work and keep exercising on your wonderful bike track love mother xxx