Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Damned

Well, a few things have happened since last I posted on my blog....
Firstly... the Johnny Cash "Man In Black" show with Tex Perkins and Rachel Tidd was so wonderful! Had a great time... didn't blub at all, ha! Just yelled and cheered and made a general nuisance of myself, lol. I asked my sister if I embarrassed her and she said "just a little bit" ..... should have screamed louder I guess....  :)
Then I turned 41.... got a coffee machine and coffee bean grinder, yummo.... I make coffees at work and I am in love with doing so.... so I needed to buy one for me to make at home.... amazing to believe that I went 18 months without drinking tea or coffee.... oh well, a girl needs some vices....
here I am in my purple Hard Ons t-shirt with my birthday loot (I had only recently got the t-shirt in the mail too, thanks Ray!)
Had our first Christmas with out cat Joey...

and my sister and I went to see The Damned.... whoo hoo! the Damned were the first band I ever went to see when I first moved away from home, from Hervey Bay to Brisbane when I was 16 years old...what an eye opener that was....I was very young and the crowd was pretty rough, I would have been trampled to death a few times if it wasn't for some guy picking me up off the ground.... but I was elated with that magical mosh pit music night and pleased with all my bruises.... what an experience, lol.... this time round it wasn't at all rough.... tho it was great to see all the old punks.... all grown up, old men, hee hee.... (that's ok, I'm an old woman too ;) )
My sister and I at The Damned and my sister and Captain Sensible after the show. He was such a lovely guy. Really open and happy to talk to the fans, very sweet and funny. We had such a great night.

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