Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday Afternoon

The end of the week end, *sigh*
The kids had 2 days off during the week for the annual Exhibition fair.
We didn't go but it was nice to have the time off getting up early for school.I ordered a Hard Ons CD and DVD from their record company in England, so I am looking forward to them arriving plus I have 2 other CDs on order at the local record store.
Recently I also had 2 fun orders arrive from England...
Australia isn't really into Halloween that much, so bat obsessed me has been unable to find these here, so was forced to finally look elsewhere for these gorgeous bat themed objects....A scrapbooking bat paper punch and a bat cookie cutter, which is the cutest thing, I can't wait to make bat cookies with this! :)I also got my new purple Nokia phone on Saturday, so happy! I have to work out how to use the thing now!
I still haven't done many layouts recently. I have felt completely uninspired, however, I have started a layout with the lyrics of 'Where Did She Come From' by the Hard Ons... I just need to find a suitable mermaid to put on it... as there is a girl in the video clip dressed as a mermaid and I want to have this old double exposed photo of me as a teenager... coz I have been wondering lately were did 'she' go... lol... I really need to get the latest version of ACDeeSee, I am totally lost without it.... makes scrapping completely crap without it. I was hoping to use the freeware 'Windows Live Photo Gallery' but for the life of me, I can't work out how to use it... I can only see jpgs in there, which is useless for a digital scrapbooker.... I need to be able tag pngs with it.... so if anyone know where I can go to read decent tutorials for it, please link me up!
I am looking forward to this week end coming, my sister is coming over on Friday to see 'Eclipse' with me and staying for a girlie week end. I am getting some Midori and we are going to giggle and watch girlie movies together and have lots of fun. Hubby will have to supervise the kids, coz I am going to be off duty! Bring on Friday!!!

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