Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Hard Ons Gig!

The Friday before we went to see the Hard Ons I went into the city to get the tickets and bought 4 Hard Ons CDs, one being their recent album. So I listened to these over and over all day Friday and Saturday before we went.Here we are just before we left to get the bus into the Valley and before it went all pear shaped for poor Rob, lol. Rob decided to get irrationally jealous, I'm talking off the planet jealous! Oh dear... He believes that my eyes lit up when I saw the band.... umm... they are my all time favourite band at the moment.... I may have smiled... I was happy after all.... I don't think I was giving them puppy dog eyes... surely?? Never mind, I really enjoyed the night and they played brilliantly. I knew most of the songs... What Would Stiv Bators Do, Sunny, Two Laps in Serbia (I love that song and it is SO good live!) There Goes One of the Creeps That Hassled My Girlfriend, Don't Fear The Reeperbahn (mind you these are in no particular order and I can't remember all of them) Raining, I Don't Want to See You Cry, quite a few songs off the new album and a few oldies were sung too.... I was really thrilled they played 'Where Did She Come From' as one of their encores ... and they came back onstage 3 times (much to hubby's dismay, lol) It was a great night and I am so glad I insisted Rob take me. The only disappointment was that the stage wasn't raised a little, so I could see them better. Hard On fans all seem to be 6 foot or taller... here are a few if the meagre photos I managed to snap.... hubby, who is 6 foot, totally refused to take any photos for me, lol!It may have taken me 4 days to placate the husband afterwards but it was worth it, lol! :)
The following Saturday night we went to see Ecdlipse. That was fun too, probably not so much for poor old Rob, lol. Yes, I'm a spoilt brat... well, it's about time I say.... I must have done something right, because he is now insistent that I upgrade my phone... can't afford the lovely purple blackberry but this purple Nokia will make me just as happy..I should be getting it next Thursday, yeah! :)

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