Saturday, 27 February 2010

End of Summer.

It is almost March, it's been raining so things are nice and cool at the moment, not humid and steamy as it was before we got the showers, so it almost feels like we are heading towards Autumn. That could change however, the past couple of years we have had some horrid heat waves in the early days of March, but I hope not, tired of sweating. I am a Summer girl and I don't mind the heat at all but when the humidity goes up, like it can here in tropical Queensland, it gets sticky.
Since my last post, the kids have started their new year of school. I have plenty of photos but I haven't scrapped them yet, even tho my 2nd eldest child has now started High School. I love him being in High School now. The 2 boys are in High School together and the 2 girls are in Primary. Makes it easier somehow, lol.We celebrated Australia Day the day before they went back to school. Credits here.And then there was Valentine's Day. Hubby and I managed to go out to the movies on the day.
And of course I scrapped it all.This is my desktop for this month. Here is a layout sized version at my gallery.
Kasia Designs 'Love Oclock' Credits Here.
Credits Here: layout about the treats I made for Valentine's Day.And us on our way out to the movies for Valentine's Day. Credits Here.

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