Monday, 18 January 2010

Fruits of Summer

We are almost at the end of the school holidays. We have been up at my parents farm for a few days.
Mum has a Brazilian fruit tree called a Jaboticaba that are in season and full of fruit. They are so delicious and there is nothing nicer than being able to go out and pick fresh fruit. She also has a mulberry tree full of mulberries, so yummy!
We had a nice time on the farm. The kids helped collect the eggs from the chicken coup. We even went swimming at the local public pool.
And back at home we have a mango tree. Last year we didn't even get a flower on it, much less a mango. This year, however, we have been inundated with mangos. Again, so yummy and wonderful to be able to go out the back door and pick fresh fruit.Credits Here
Sadly my mango mornings are over now. My cousin says I need to go to Mangos Anonymous. lol.
As I am so bereft of picking mangos every morning, I finally planted a vegetable patch. Thankfully we have had some lovely showers to water my garden and a few little plants have emerged, but I am a lousy gardener, plus I have cheeky possums to contend with, so not too sure of how successful my crops will be, but at least I got the seeds in the ground. Cross fingers and wish me luck, I need it!

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