Sunday, 12 October 2014


Well, one more month and I can apply for my visa for Jackson.  At long last.  It was a shit road getting there but I am finally going to Jackson....
So... since last post...I met some bloke and went out with him for a month and a half... a month and a half I will never get back... but on the upside of that I realise I am in no hurry for some bland man for the sake of being with a man.  I know it's a long shot and it may never happen but I am going to wait for someone special. And just because someone likes the Ramones or Iggy Pop doesn't mean he is the man for me... tho I do have something to be grateful for in having gone out with this guy... on my second date with him... I bumped into my brother from another dearest friend from my teenage years that I had lost contact with 24 years ago...
Instantly we recognised each other and with looks of shock and disbelief we called each others name to be sure we were seeing the right person, and not just a ghost or some look-a-like...but sure enough, it was Wolfie... and I was I am delighted to be re-united with my Brother Wolf....he always cracks me up and makes me laugh.  Life takes us on strange journeys, sometimes we get lost and never find our way again and sometimes we manage to get back to where we started so we can start anew. So now I am back down the rabbit hole where I am meant to be and not trapped in suburbia under lock and key having the life screamed out of me.
And then of course, there was the 30th Year Anniversary of the Hard Ons concert at Punkfest at the Prince of Wales Hotel with Keish (original singer/drummer) on the mike and only playing requests from their early days when Keish was with them. True gold! Such an awesome night... I am one happy girl!

Then 2 months later Blackie was back in Brisbane for an unofficial Blackie in Brisbane Day.. lol... he was playing solo, playing support for King Buzzo at the Black Bear Lodge. (funnily enough the Black Bear Lodge used to be called "The Troubadour"... where I first saw the Hard Ons for the first time on the 7th of August 2010) He also played a free gig on the same day at Tym's Guitars. The day before that, I had gone to see the Nick Cave documentary, 20 000 Days On Earth, I went by myself. Dark cinema...Nick Cave...naturally I blubbed all the way through the show...not that it is sad or anything... but they played the start of the song "Higgs Boson Blues" and I just lost it...
Not sure if that just set the scene of emotion or what... but when Blackie played at Tym's Guitars, I almost blubbed through that performance as well, tho it was broad daylight so I had to tell myself to reel it darkened cinema there to hide the sookie tear stained face. Probably just the beautiful heart felt music by a lovely man that is Blackie's solo work.
                                                               At Tym's Guitars
                                                              At Black Bear Lounge
Also, of late, I have been teaching myself to roller skate... I never learnt as a child, so it is going a bit slow for my liking but I am getting there... don't tend to fall over so much anymore... Wolfgang, my friend is an expert roller skater and skates everywhere... it is his main form of transport. And he brings joy to everyone who sees him. He carries a boom box with him as he rolls around town... We are both Birthday Party fans from way back but he has veered towards disco and funk in his old age, lol....(as teenagers we used to go to a night club together called Flares, where they played all '70s disco...we both dressed the part and boogied the night away.... ahh....good times)... anyway.. yes, he brings smiles and happiness to all that see him dressed in his 1970's rollerskate dude clothes and boom box on his shoulder... it is a joy to trot along beside him and see people get out their cameras and smart phones, taking photos and videos of him and smiling and shouting out to him that they love him and how he has made their day. I told him he brings joy to the streets of Brisbane and he just said..."well, that's the way I roll"  Classic!
                                                         Wolfgang and me at the Kurilpa Derby, he was on his skates, I'm not ready to hit the streets on wheels yet.
And this month I turned 44. Forty-four years on Planet Earth...(one day I shall return to Planet Purple)
My lovely daughter-in-law-to-be spoilt me with presents, I was surprised at work with a gift from a lovely work friend...and my Mum came to visit, so I had a very lovely birthday. Then the week after, I went to another work friend's 40th fancy dress party, I wore my go-go boots....I was supposed to make a shiny go-go type dress but I was not impressed with the lack of psychedelic purple material, My heart wasn't in the sewing of the intended dress, so I ended up just wearing a dress I had hanging in my closet... I did have a bee hive and false eye lashes, not that you can notice them much in the photo...

 and that brings me up to date with my life as I know up is seeing the Hard Ons at The Blurst Of Times Festival... again, I will be going sister is no longer able to join me on my "girls music nights out"  I can understand, I knew it would all come to an end when she married her lovely new husband ..... so it's either go alone or lay back down in the living coffin I lay down in years ago when I married a man I had nothing in common with... a coffin I fought tooth and nail to get out of...
anyway.. I look forward to going to see the Hard Ons... they have a new album coming out, so I assume we will be blessed with some new songs on the play list ... very exciting! (I hope my CD that I ordered comes before then!!) Cheers and rock on!  :)

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