Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Winter Fell

Here it is...June already...
Bluesfest has happened and my oh my!
You can not believe how exciting that was, well, maybe you can but Holy Jeeezzus Joey Ramone, it was GOOOOOOD!
I was frantically looking for a suitable Tree Of Life (shop) they had a halter neck hippy type maxi-dress with pretty embroidery that I had been eyeing for awhile... but when I finally decided to try it on and buy it I discovered it was completely see through.... which may be OK if you are in your 20's but probably not so much when you are 42. But as time kept marching on and Cinderella had nothing to wear to the ball, I rethought that see through dress, deciding it might be acceptable if I wore really sensible under garments....? The husband said No and I had to agree, so I decided to stop being lazy and I scratched through my dress patterns and dug through my fabric stash and made my own halter neck dress....
Then we had our early Easter... My sis and her hubby to be and my nephew came over... and we had our Easter feast on Good Friday...

and then early the next morning, sis and I hit the road, with Beasts of Bourbon howlin' and wailin' just as we like it...then Iggy had his turn at blasting our ear drums.... as we approached the state line, I screamed the loudest YIPPEE I ever let out in my life! (I warned Miss Debbranne first of my ear shattering intent, didn't want her running off the side of the road in shock, lol) When we got to our destination, we got to work pretty quick getting the tent up and mattresses in place for our tired return later on. I was like Bear Grylls in a dress and plastic wedge flip flops, hammering in tent pegs double time....
After getting some food and coffee, we went and had a bit of a peep at RocKwiz, then watched Mark Seymore and The Undertow then went back to the car to get into some "sensible" shoes, then went and waited at the stage where Beasts Of Bourbon were to play. They did not disappoint, they were awesome!!
And, joy of joys, they played "I'm a Drop Out" I screamed so loud when they played the opening bars of the song and then when the pure gold line came along, I screamed even louder "Purple is my colour!" Actually, I screamed so loud I almost fainted, lol!
then we had to hold on for dear life when The DropKick Murphys came on....luckily we were right at the front and we could hold onto the guard rail thingie in front of us. As one of the photographers said to us before they started playing.... we were hammered! I had to dig my knees into the guard rail, and stick my butt out a bit to protect my tummy, coz it was still tender from the surgery.... but anyway, we managed to survive it. Anything for Iggy and the Stooges! And they were as fabulous as expected and it is a memory I will cherish forever. And my word, that man has the softest hands!!

The next day, we had a little trot around Byron Bay. So beautiful. 
The drive up to the light house was beautiful, breath taking views. We saw a 2 pods of dolphins in the waters below. The journey up the winding road to the lighthouse is a popular running track, which made me pine for a good jog. 
It was almost sad to have to go home. 
The very next week my lovely sister got married to her Punjabi Prince. 
She looked so beautiful and radiant in her traditional Sikh wedding dress and her stunning henna mehndi on her arms, hands and feet. Makes me want the same paisley patterns on my feet in purple tattooed ink!

Debbranne wanted me and my niece, as Brides Maids, to wear the same dress, so she was stuck with purple... I couldn't wear anything but...which was fine with my sister but I did not make anyone else wear purple, it is honestly what they each chose and I think our stunning purple looked brilliant with the bride's eye catching red. My eldest daughter read out a poem her Aunty had chosen for the wedding. She took it very seriously and enjoyed her part of the celebrations, as did my youngest daughter who was the flower girl. It was such a beautiful day.
I think a few weeks after this, I returned to my running, after about 4 months break due to my tummy tuck. I do so love to run!
In May, the next highlight was seeing the Hard Ons again at Punkfest. Always awesome. Their music has motivated me to live my life for me, to be who I am and to do whatever the hell I frikin well like, coz you only get one life and I'm sick of being scared and sick of trying to please unpleasable people.

the following week, Blackie (Hard ons lead singer/guitarist) had a solo gig supporting Isaiah Mitchell. A very groovy night of awesome guitars. Sadly, my sister and I were unable to stay for the entire show as in her rush to get there in time, she parked in a car park that shut at midnight. It was a terrible feeling leaving before Isaiah Mitchell had finished his set but it was unavoidable.
My camera did not capture the creative lighting well at all...
I enjoy Blackie's solo stuff very much... he is like a quirky Cat Stevens... hee hee.. and he has some beautiful ballads too. Tickle, for example.
Mothers Day was in between these two events.
We went to the movies to see Oz The Great and Powerful. All of us being great fans of the original movie, we really enjoyed it. Even tho' Keenan was not impressed to be kicked out of bed quite so early on a Sunday morning, he needed some convincing that it would be worth his while.
and my lovely presents...
I can't begin to explain how excited I am about those there bikinis! They are SO adorable! I wanted them a year and a half ago when they first hit the shelves at Myer but I hesitated and ummed and ahhed about it, not confident about exposing my tummy back then. I bought the matching thongs (flip flops) as a reminder to myself that I wanted to buy them, that I deserved them for all my hard work, losing weight, but just couldn't....and leading up to the surgery I agonised over those bikinis.... thinking I could have worn them once the operation was done... but they were the last seasons design and were now unavailable in stores.... I searched for them everywhere...then finally... after the operation, I decided to do a very thorough search of the internet, looking for them, and I found them..... along with the Ramones books (that I really desperately wanted too!) So it was a very happy Mothers Day for me this year. Sadly I will have to wait until Summer returns to wear the bikini... which is inspiration to keep hard at exercise to stay in shape until I can wear them to the beach, I can't wait!!!  :)
So, in light of that, and just the plain fact that I love to run and have been interested in the idea of a marathon of some sort for awhile... I have entered a 14 km fun run City2South...I am SO excited about that!
It's on Sunday the 16th of June, starts at 7am. Only bad news is they don't want us using any music devices.... waaaah! With music I am unstoppable. Pooh! I will just have to sing... sorry Brisbane! Trouble is, I only know the first 2 opening lines of my favourite running song and then I just bang my head and pump my arms as I run along to the music..... oh well.... I know all the lyrics of another good running song .... "Two Laps In Serbia"... but if I sing that out loud I'm at risk of having the ambos (ambulance officers) tackle me to the ground and carting me off on a stretcher.... omg, I'm so excited.... I AM Forrest Gump.... I'm a running fool! :)

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