Sunday, 15 May 2011

May Already

Well, Easter and Mothers Day are over....
here is our cat Joey, getting into the Easter spirit, lol... Amethyst made the ears for him

And here is Amethyst and hubby with the Mothers Day dessert they made for me, Amethyst really wanted to make me something and so Rob agreed to help her, it was very yummy! She enjoyed cooking with Dad so much that she is insisting on doing some more cooking with Rob today. She gets this cooking thing from her Father's side of the family... I hate cooking, tho I will do some special cooking for special occasions. For Easter I made an onion and cheese flan, egg salad, creamy potato bake etc so that we could have an Easter feast, instead of the kids just ODing on chocolate. We still have Easter eggs in the fridge, all of us are a little bit over chocolate at the moment...still!
What more could this Mum want on Mothers Day? My 4 bubs, home made cards, home made potpourri, home made dessert, fancy chockies and pizza! Yeah! :)
What else have I been up to? Riding into the city weekly, even twice a week sometimes. I love it so much. Friday gone, I rode into the city to have our monthly lunch date with my sister and cousin. This was the first time I had done that. Normally I get the bus coz I love to dress up all girlie like when I go into the city, but of course I can't wear those sort of clothes on the bike, so I wore my Hard Ons tshirt like I usually do on the bike and took my other clothes and make up in my back pack. So I didn't feel too guilty for eating Indian food and then coffee and a slice of cheesecake, lol... Here is a photo of the bike track along the Brisbane River.... it is the most glorious sight after riding down Sylvan Road, it is such a relief to get there. I do so love my ride into the city!!!!
I also got some more Ramones CDs.... 'Acid Eaters' and 'Mondo Bizarro' and ordered 'Brain Drain' and 'Adios Amigos' and the DVD 'It's Alive'  thinking that then I will have them all, but realised that I still need 'Halfway to Sanity' and "Weird Tales of The Ramones"... so I am loving all the 'new to me' Ramones songs... god I love'em! As usual I made the girls laugh in the city on Friday with my constant .... "there is a Ramones song..."  there always seems to be a relevant Ramones song or line from a song for any given situation and it is my catch phrase... need to get  a tshirt that says.... "There is a Ramones song dot dot dot" lol... Also got the May edition of Mojo magazine as it has the Ramones on the front cover. Last month on the 15th was the 10th year anniversary of Joey's death and it would have been his 60th birthday this Thursday, the 19th of May. It goes without saying, I'll be listening to Joey all day Thursday. As everyday is Ramones day for me.
Husband and I will be going to see 'Water For Elephants' in Gold Class on Monday. It's a big girlie movie and I am expecting to bawl my head off. I've been in the mood for a good soppy love story, so hopefully this won't disappoint. Looks good. Anyway, gotta go feed the family...

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