Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wedding and Hard Ons Friday

Last Friday was a very long but wonderful day.  First, my cousin and his beautiful wife got married. I had such a great time at the reception with all the family. Well, Rob was at work and the kids were at school, so it was just me and my extended family. I had a Cointreau and lemonade and then a Gin and lemonade and then when we went into the reception room there was a big bottle of bubbly on the table, for everyone at the table to toast all the speeches but I was basically the only one able to drink, or who wanted to drink. Besides my Mum having about 2 glasses, I drank the rest, hee hee! :)   I was a bit loud and having lots of fun. Lots of people gravitated to our table as we were the loudest and laughing a lot. At the end of the day, my cousin Phil said that the champagne on the table was non alcoholic and he didn't know what my problem was, lol... it was very funny, guess you had to be there. Then I went home and my sister went home and picked up my nephew and they came over to my place and sis and I went off to see the Hard Ons. It's the last Brisbane gig with drummer Pete, he is leaving for family reasons. Hopefully the guys will find a new drummer soon. The night was great, I bought a Hard Ons t-shirt from them and a Nunchukka Superfly CD as well. The guys were in good spirits and they played brilliantly, such a powerful band.

Scrapbooking wise, I have only done 2 layouts in quite awhile, one about my sister's and my last night out to see the Hard Ons back in Halloween (didn't get a photo of us this time around) and a layout of the lyrics from the Ramones song 'I Remember You'...

I am still cycling and rode into the city again this week and ride to the gym everyday.  I think my fitness levels are getting better. My Mum is coming for a visit tomorrow for a few days, so I will be giving the gym and riding a bit of a break until she goes home on Sunday. Goodnight  :)

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