Saturday, 8 May 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums out there for tomorrow. :) I just got a call from DH saying that he can take me out for lunch the day after Mothers Day while the kids are at school for a late Mothers Day celebration and that he will cook dinner for me on Mothers Day, so that's something exciting to look forward to! Yippee! His work shift is changing and this will be the last Monday that he has off, so our last opportunity to be able to go out together without the kids, so it will be a nice "last day alone" OK...heaps happening....somehow I totally missed April...We went up to my parents farm for 10 days of the Easter holidays. DH drove us up there and we spent Good Friday to Easter Monday together before he had to go back home for work and then he came back the following week end to pick us up and take us home. Again I taught Mum more things on the computer, so I think she will be fine from now on. Easter was a busy, wonderful day. It was also DHs birthday, so I cooked his favourite pumpkin strudels. My Father is currently growing pumpkins so there were pumpkins galore. I also cooked an onion cheese flan and a zucchini slice, curried egg salad and we had other salads. Mum made her famous chocolate truffles and I made DHs favourite black forest chocolate cake. We had all this for Easter lunch and as we made so much of it we had the left overs for dinner. And of course there were chocolate Easter eggs a plenty!April Credits
I haven't actually scrapped the Easter lunch table as yet, so this variation of my April desktop will have to do for now. I haven't had a lot of scrapping time lately and Mum came for a visit for the last week of April for 2nd DSs 13th birthday. Yep, I showed her a few more things on the computer. It is always busy when Mum comes for a visit, as she can only spend a small amount of time with each family member in Brisbane, so I have to make sure I get everything done that I wanted to do when she is here before she moves on to the next family member. On the Thursday that she was here, I took her to see the movie "Beneath Hill 60" A wonderful Australian movie about WW1. My maternal Grandmother's cousin died in that area around that time of the war and his 3 other brothers were also over there in the war, his elder brother died back here in Australia from wounds sustained in the war, so it was a personal reminder of what our soldiers had to deal with at that terrible time. Arthur, the one that died in action, is the middle one in the photo with his 2 other brothers, his older brother who died at home from wounds is not in the photo. The photo on the left is the actor Gyton Grantly from the movie Beneath Hill 60.
Mum enjoyed it very much, for many was a true story, it was an amazing visual of what her 2nd cousins endured during the war, it was an Australian story and by no way the least... it had her favourite actor Gyton Grantly in it. She adores him! Of course I enjoyed the movie very much too and also like Gyton. As an 18 year old I worked in a fruit and vegie store in the suburb where he lived, so I probably served his Mum and him as an 8 year old if they came into the store where I worked, lol!
The other thing to happen recently is DigiShopTalk's Scrapper Choice Awards are here again. This year I decided to submit a few layouts.
Best Overall Layout:
Best Title Work:Best Use of Template:
Best All About Me Layout:
Best Inanimate Subject Layout:Most Humorous Layout:Well, that's it for me for today. Have to go and hang out the 3rd load of washing because I don't want to have to do anything but laze about in my pjs tomorrow for Mothers Day. :)
Happy Mothers Day!


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