Thursday, 18 September 2008

Fun scrapping news!

Whoo Hoo! I have made "the honor list" at two sites I adore... first I made Layout of the Week at Authentic Artistry for this layout... credits here
and my layout "My Daughters" using the Weeds and Wildflowers kit I won also made "Best of the Bunch on the Weeds and Wildflowers blog last week.
Also, I have got a guest spot for the month of October, on Amanda Rockwell's Creative Team!! It starts on the 7th of October, which is the day before my birthday, so it is like an early birthday present, so excited about that, thank you Amanda! :)
I also have another guest spot coming up that I am super excited about, but I can't reveal that as yet, as I am unsure of what month it will be, but I can't wait for that also. It's so very nice to have something to look forward to!! :)
Also I have to give a shout out for Miss Huni Buni's new Doll Baby kits at Inspiration Lane.
these are the most adorable little Miss-ies and I have picked up the #7 in the series. There is 10 kits all up. I have customized mine, I've put freckles across her cheeks and even 'painted' her toenails purple. Tho I have to admit, I haven't had a fringe (or..are they called 'bangs' overseas??) since I was about 19 years of age, lol..... I am currently doing a layout using a photo of me with my 'baby doll fringe' when I was! So this is my new avatar, I am done with trying to 'Photoshop' my photo for my avatar. A couple of weeks ago I took about 10 photos of myself and then roped the DH in to take some head shots of me, trying, in vain, to get a decent photo of myself to use as a new avatar....needless to say, they all 'should' go in the bin....I hate photos of myself and like a lot of people, I guess, I just can't smile naturally when someone has a camera in my face. But I am happy with my little Missy :) I will have to crop her down a bit to fit her in at Digishop Talk, as their avatars have to be 100x100, whereas at Inspiration Lane they can be 200x200. Such a shame, coz I do so love those cute toenails, lol!
So....just incase you are thinking I am a little kooky, I will seal the deal, lol and leave you with a couple of kooky layouts about myself...just to show that, even tho I hate photos of myself, I still scrap about 'ME'.....for the sake of leaving a true account of myself for my kids and future grandchildren.
The title 'I Am Purple' has been inspired by Will Smith's movie 'I Am Legend' Credits Here My Hat: Credits Here

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