Sunday, 11 November 2007

Remembrance Day

Today is Remebrance Day here in Australia. (Armistice Day)
We will be wearing our poppies when we go out today.
Our youngest will be going to an Orientation Day for Kindy. The get together will be for an hour and a half and I am sure she will love every minute of it. I can hardly believe that my baby is off to Kindy next year. For the last 12 years, it seems I have always had a baby on my hip, but not for much longer! It is quite sad really. I will miss having a little one with me during the day. I have always had a baby in my arms when I have waved the others off on their first days of Kindy/School, but not this time.
I just hope that for today, they are able to get all of the little children to stay quiet of a minute silence at 11 o clock today!

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happyrobyn said...

I hope you're adjusting ok to having all kiddos in school!