Thursday, 3 October 2013


Finally it is nice and warm again.  But first I will yap about a few winter activites....
Firstly, my 14 km marathon.... I did really well....enjoyed it alot, tho I am more of a lone runner...but it was fun anyway... I mentioned I was worried how I would go running without my music... well, you know how you get a song in your head and it won't budge... well my song for the day was Bottom Feeders by Hard-Ons... which worked well, kept me going the distance, thank you kindly! I had ordered a purple hydration back pack but wouldn't you just know it, it didn't come until 2 days after the race, so I had to stop along the way for my times could have been better but I was happy with how I ran on the day.  I ran 14km in one hour and 17 minutes, so I think that is OK for a first go....
and here is footage of  silly me at the finish line... don't worry, you can't miss me, I'm the loon all in purple.whoo
Then the husband and I went to see Bill Oddie! It was a great night, he was funny and lovely. After the show (which started at 8.30 and went till 11pm!) there was a huge line up to meet Bill...we waited patiently in line and conscious of the multitude of people and knowing  the fact that my father, who is the same age as Bill, would be fast asleep snoring his head off in bed, I decided I had to be quick when I got to speak to him... my most ardent wish was to share with Bill that he was one of my key stepping stones on the way to becoming a vegetarian. So, I am all excited, racing my words to tell him this and I realise that by the look on his face that maybe I was coming across as some extremist animal activist (not that there is anything wrong with that!) ... my choice of words were probably not well thought through... I told him that I became a vegetarian because of the Goodies episode "Animals"   ... as a little girl, seeing him eating the rabbit guest, I thought, what is he doing, don't eat the bunny!"  and poor Bill says... "oh! the responsibility! I beg your pardon darling!" .... and then realising he was feeling awkward, like I was chastising him, I said "No! No! I want to thank you for helping me make that decision!"  and everyone laughed.... what a memory!! I have this photo of Bill and I on my desktop, I will treasure it always.

Then September arrived and our eldest daughter had a 13th birthday party that I am sure she will remember for some time to come. Then I had an Election Day High Tea in honour of our eldest son and his girlfriend's first time voting experience, using my new matching polka dot tablecloths. I wanted to make silly badges that said silly things like.... "vote 1 Chocolate" etc, but I didn't get around to it...  and  this week I went to see The Cult... it was 26 years ago when I saw them last! My similar music loving sister usually goes with me to these things, but as she only recently got married she decided she didn't love the Cult well enough to leave her husband alone, so I went by myself... I was a bit nervous about it but assumed there would be mobs of people there and there were, so it was OK.... and I am good company for myself anyway...I know what makes me laugh, tho the down side to that is, I was getting worried sideway glances from people as I was standing in the corner, talking to myself and laughing at all my own jokes, lol... no, not really but I did enjoy the night and glad I did push myself to go alone anyway...

Next week is my birthday and my sister is blessing me with her presence this time as we go to see the Brisbane debut of Tex Perkins new band The Ape. Yay! 

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